PELLENC ULiB 400 Battery

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The Pellenc ULiB 400 battery is a powerful high capacity battery aimed at the professional user, with an excellent power to weight ratio. Pellenc is the only manufacturer in the world to use the revolutionary lithium-ion ternary technology (nickel/manganese/cobalt).
To generate the same amount of energy a nickel cadmium ( Ni Cd) battery would weigh 13.5kg as opposed to 9.7kg. The ULiB batteries enable between half a day and a full days work. The power remains constant whatever its energy level.
All Pellenc batteries have a display showing the remaining capacity in percentage in relation to the initial capacity.

Type: Li-Ion
Voltage: 50.2 volts
Capacity: 8.8 Ah
Energy stored: 400 Wh
Maximum Power: 1500 W
Average Lifetime Cycles: 800 - 1200 cycles
Charge time: 9 hours
Weight: 3.4kg

Power Source
ULIB 400
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