Husqvarna EPOS

Ron Smith & Co are amongst the first in the country to install Husqvarna's new EPOS system, for a new professional series of Automower® robotic mowers

As a premier Husqvarna dealer, we are extremely proud to be amongst the first to install their brand new, breakthrough EPOS technology for a new series of Automower®. The new satellite-based system provides virtual boundaries for greater flexibility and ease-of-use.

In June 2021, our specialist Automower® team installed one of the first Automower® 550 EPOS and reference station in the country, as pictured below.


Husqvarna EPOS is designed for professional fleets. It eliminates the physical wires to give greater flexibility making it possible to define several work areas with different timers and settings; create temporary stay-out zones, pre-set transport paths, and have greater flexibility with the placement of the docking station, as highlighted below using Automower® CEORA - the highest standard of robotic mower built for commercial use - launching 2022.

To find out more about Husqvarna EPOS or anything else please call our sales team 01905 738800 for a no obligation chat.