STIHL Smart Connector 2A

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A useful connector designed to provide data to cordless machines built for professional use.

The STIHL Connector 2 A features an easy setup

The STIHL connector 2A is quick and easy to set up without the need for drilling or having to scan anything to set it up to get started straight away, making it extremely user-friendly.

The smart connector 2 A connects to real time data

With a real time clock; the STIHL smart connector 2 A ensures reliable information by linking to a time and date to ensure the data is correct.  Furthermore, the STIHL smart connector 2 A makes sure a high quality of data is attained by drawing the energy directly from the battery of the tool whilst being in use.  This data also include any motor RPM records and data on machine faults too.

LED status presents vital and easy to read indications

Equipped with an LED status indicator; the user can easily monitor the status of the machine without having to go on the app.  The status indicator comes up in either green, yellow or red to relay the message to the user.  The greens informs the user there are no messages, the yellow presents that there are maintenance tasks to do and the red indicates when a fault has come up and further details on this can then be found on the app.

The STIHL smart connector 2 A is compatible to use with the following

The Smart Connector 2 A is also useful in identifying unmarked machines when connected and is compatible for use on the FSA 135, HSA 94 R and T, HTA 135, HLA 135, KMA 135 and the HTA 135.


  • Compatibility:  FSA 135, HLA 135, KMA 135, HTA 135, HSA 94 R, HSA 94T
  • Energy supply: CR2450 3V button cell, tool battery during operation
  • Collected data:  Operating time, speed, temperature, malfunctions including time and date stamp
  • Real time clock:  Yes
  • User interaction on the tool:  Yes, via LED and push button

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