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STIHL KMA 135 R Cordless KombiEngine (Shell Only)

STIHL KMA 135 R Cordless KombiEngine (Shell Only)
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A professional engine unit from STIHL's multi-tool Kombi system

STIHL's latest battery-operated KombiEngine from their versatile multi-tool system. Powered by their professional AP battery series, it is especially useful for working in noise sensitive environments, whilst the loop handle encourages use in tighter spaces. It is compatible with all-but-one KombiTool (excludes FSB-KM) which include a rotary cutting head, pick tines, and grass and hedge trimmers.

Efficient, long-lasting use by commercial users

It is really easy to switch between attachments thanks to the quick-release coupling, and also makes for easy transport and storage. The ergonomic handlebar is comfortable to use for prolonged periods, with quick access to a 3-stage speed control which encourages longer running times, along with the built-in LED display

The KMA 135 R features a brushless electric motor (EC) which is long-lasting and virtually maintenance free. Coupled with a metal mesh air filter which ensures optimum engine cooling and the ease of clean, it is incredibly durable to withstand years of use.

From STIHL's professional battery series

The shell only does not include a battery or charger but these are required to operate the KombiEngine. You may already have compatible accessories or you may want to choose the appropriate battery and charger to suit your requirements. Otherwise, the recommended battery is the most powerful AP 300 S battery and the recommended charging unit is the fastest AL 500 charger.

  • Rated voltage: 36 V
  • Sound pressure level: 91 dB(A)
  • Sound power level: 104 dB(A)
  • Vibration level left/right: 5.0 / 3.7 m/s2
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Run time with AP 300 S battery: 50 minutes
  • Run time with AP 300 battery: 40 minutes
  • Run time with AP 200 battery: 30 minutes
  • Run time with AP 100 battery: 16 minutes
  • Run time with AR 2000 L backpack battery: 160 minutes
  • Run time with AR 3000 L backpack battery: 240 minutes

*Run times are estimated as they vary depending on running speed and the attachment

Brand:  STIHL
Note:  Please ensure you have a compatible battery and charger to operate this machine.
Primary User:  Professional
Power Source:  Battery
Battery System:  STIHL AP System

Part Number:  FA020116800

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STIHL KMA 135 R Cordless KombiEngine (Kit)

STIHL KMA 135 R Cordless KombiEngine (Kit)£771.00   £732.50

A professional battery-operated KombiEngine with an AP battery slot. For use with a plethora of KombiTool attachments (sold separately). Battery and charger included.

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