COUNTAX B255-4WD Petrol Garden Tractor
COUNTAX B255-4WD Petrol Garden Tractor
COUNTAX B255-4WD Petrol Garden Tractor
COUNTAX B255-4WD Petrol Garden Tractor
COUNTAX B255-4WD Petrol Garden Tractor
COUNTAX B255-4WD Petrol Garden Tractor

COUNTAX B255-4WD Petrol Garden Tractor

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A large, reliable and powerful four-wheel garden tractor with an excellent cutting capacity.

Premium grade engine with hydrostatic transmission

The COUNTAX B255-4WD petrol garden tractor is equipped with a high performing and reliable Kawasaki FR730V 726 cc twin cylinder premium grade engine, which requires minimal maintenance therefore reducing unnecessary downtime for the tractor.  Thanks to the dual element air filter, dependable lubrication system and a high performing grass screen to ensure the engine is at an optimal level. 

Featuring a foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission which eliminates the need for gears; the user can benefit from a drive that is not only easier, but also smoother and more responsive. 

4TRAC transmission technology

Equipped with 4TRAC transmission technology; the COUNTAX garden tractor provides excellent traction and stability even when mowing in wet conditions, mud and on slopes.  The 4TRAC technology recognises the level of traction required and cleverly applies this to the drive, making the COUNTAX extremely versatile to use throughout the year.  

No skidding or scuffing

The COUNTAX features dynamic traction control which modifies the speed of the tractor when turning to avoid skidding and creating scuffs on the lawn to maintain the aesthetics of the lawn.

Staying informed thanks to OMS

Featuring an informative operation management system (OMS) on the dashboard display; the COUNTAX B255-4WD keeps the user informed of vital stats on the engine, cutter deck and fuel levels.  By indicating the RPM engine speed; the OMS indicates when the engine speed drops below a certain level whilst mowing thicker grass to enable the user to raise the deck to get a better cutting result.

PTO with 3 positions

The B255-4WD features 3 different positions on the electrically operated power take off (PTO) in which the user has full control over via a push button.  The first position enables the user to engage the cutter deck to ensure a high cutting performance without the need to collect.   The second position enables the PGC+ to be driven by switching on the tractor and the PTO without the need to use a lever or control.  The third position isolates the operation to the PTO only which is beneficial for driving the broadcast spreader. 

Excellent cutting performance

With an excellent cutting system; the COUNTAX provides the user with a lightweight deck lift to control the cutting heights.  There are 9 different heights of cut to choose from including a minimum of 12 mm all the way to 101 mm (based on the deck type) for an excellent cutting finish.  This adjustment can be done via a lever with a trigger. 

Durable, yet comfortable

The B255-4WD garden tractor is built with a single pressed steel body for a more durable and longer lasting tractor.  

Equipped with an adjustable seat with armrests and boasting excellent ergonomics with a sliding seat for comfort and safety; the B255-4WD is a delight to drive in, especially for longer durations. 














  • Engine: FR730V Kawasaki Twin Cylinder
  • Displacement: 726 cc
  • Transmission: 4TRAC 4WD
  • Power take-off: Standard (electric engage

Cutting system

  • Cutter deck: 122 cm / 48 inches
  • XRD deck height settings min-max: 12 mm / 0.5 inches - 101 mm / 4 inches
  • High grass mulch deck: 92 cm / 36 inches
  • Grass collector capacity: 300 litres


  • Bullbar: Standard
  • Operating management system: Colour digital display
  • Fuel tank: 7 litres


  • Weight: 288.6 kg
  • Length x width x height: 192 cm x 127 cm x 122 cm (excluding PGC+)

PGC+ is an optional accessory for this garden tractor.

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