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Utility Vehicle

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WESSEX Country CT120 Pasture Topper

WESSEX Country CT120 Pasture Topper£1,179.00

Ideal for general maintenance on private estates and paddocks, with features including a floating A-Frame, a single blade bar with swinging blade tips, and full guarding to HSE specifications. 

WESSEX Country AT110 ATV Topper

WESSEX Country AT110 ATV Topper£2,199.00

The Wessex Country AT110 ATV Topper is designed to suit the needs of a small holder who has a Quad or Utility Vehicle, and needs to maintain the grounds with this AT110 Topper. 

WESSEX CM150 Country FM Finishing Mower

WESSEX CM150 Country FM Finishing Mower£2,455.00

Designed to provide an even finish on estate lawns and fine cut turf, featuring 3 overlapping rotors to prevent unsightly uncut strips, 4 adjustable wheels, adjustable lower link points, simple belt adjustment, floating top link point and fully guarded to HSE specification.

WESSEX Country 1.25 ton Hydraulic tipping Trailer

WESSEX Country 1.25 ton Hydraulic tipping Trailer£2,589.00

The Wessex Country Trailer is a quality 1.25 tonne hydraulic tipping trailer, ideally suited for use on private estates, large gardens and small holdings.


Page 1 of 1:    4 Items
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