STIHL Service Kit 26
STIHL Service Kit 26
STIHL Service Kit 26

STIHL Service Kit 26

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Unleash the potential of outdoor power tools with the STIHL Service Kit 26.

The STIHL service Kit 26 is a comprehensive toolkit that empowers users to conduct maintenance on their petrol brushcutters, pole pruners, and KombiEngines.

Engineered for machines like FS 40, FS 50, FS 56, FS 70, HT 56, and KM 56, this kit includes key components such as a fleece air filter, spark plug, and fuel filter.

Ensuring Peak Performance

The STIHL fleece air filter stands out for its exceptional filtration capabilities, capturing coarse and fine dirt particles. This ensures the motor remains shielded from abrasive dust, facilitating consistent performance, lowering fuel consumption, and ensuring easy starts.

Vigilance in Fuel Filtration

Routine checks and replacements of the fuel filter prevent foreign particles from infiltrating the engine, safeguarding its longevity and ensuring reliable operation.

Spark Plug Precision

Regular spark plug changes are recommended to ensure clean combustion and optimize implement performance. The spark plug plays a pivotal role in engine efficiency, making it a critical element in routine machine maintenance.

Effortless Maintenance

No additional tools are needed, as the combination wrench from the machine's kit is sufficient for air filter and spark plug replacements. The included cardboard hook simplifies fuel filter changes, streamlining the overall maintenance process.

Reliable for All Users

Tailored to both domestic and professional users, the Service Kit 26 reinforces a proactive maintenance approach. It ensures machines operate optimally and exhibit resilience over time, meeting the demands of various applications.


  • Suitable for use with: FS40 / FS 50/ FS 56/ FS 70/ HT 56/ KM 56
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