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STIHL SG 11 Hand Sprayer

STIHL SG 11 Hand Sprayer£12.25

A 1.5 litre, ergonomic, easy-to-use hand sprayer ideal for distributing liquid pesticides. It has a smooth-running and efficient pump to allow for comfortable operation.

HANDY THS5LTR Garden Sprayer (5 Litre)

HANDY THS5LTR Garden Sprayer (5 Litre)£12.99

This is a five litre sprayer that is the perfect solution for those smaller spraying jobs around the garden. It has a five litre capacity so is easy to carry and work with.

STIHL SG 11 PLUS Sprayer

STIHL SG 11 PLUS Sprayer£15.00

This is a 1.5 litre volume hand sprayer, featuring an ergonomic design, an adjustable nozzle that makes distributing cleaning agents and solvents easy, and 3 bar maximum pressure.

HANDY THKS16LTR Sprayer (16 Litre)

HANDY THKS16LTR Sprayer (16 Litre)£24.99   £19.99

An impressive 16 litre garden sprayer, this tool is intended to be worn as a backpack to spread the weight of its contents, using two shoulder straps. It comes with a lance, trigger, jets and a selection of nozzles.

STIHL SG 31 Manual Sprayer

STIHL SG 31 Manual Sprayer£32.50

This 5 litre manual sprayer is ideal for private users and is easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic shut-off valve, telescopic tube and large filler opening. Includes hollow cone and fan jet nozzle.

SOLO Chemical Sprayer 456

SOLO Chemical Sprayer 456£49.00

Solo 456 5 litre Sprayer

SOLO Sprayers 457

SOLO Sprayers 457£54.00

Solo 457 7.5 litre Sprayer

STIHL SG 51 Backpack Manual Sprayer

STIHL SG 51 Backpack Manual Sprayer£81.00

A 12 litre manual backpack sprayer, designed for occasional and professional use. The pump lever can be mounted on the left or right, and the machine features a robust design for long service life.

STIHL SG 71 Backpack Manual Sprayer

STIHL SG 71 Backpack Manual Sprayer£98.00

STIHL's SG 71 is an 18 litre professional backpack sprayer, with increased user comfort and a pump lever that can be mounted on the left or right depending on what is most comfortable for you.

SOLO Backpack Sprayer- 425 15 Litres

SOLO Backpack Sprayer- 425 15 Litres£129.00

Solo 425 15 litre Sprayer

SOLO Sprayers 475/D

SOLO Sprayers 475/D£129.00

SOLO 475/D Diaphragm-Pump Backpack Sprayer 15 Litres

STIHL SR 450 Backpack Mistblower / Sprayer

STIHL SR 450 Backpack Mistblower / Sprayer£774.00   £658.00

A 2-in-1 backpack mistblower that is able to spray large areas of liquid as well as to dust and spray granules. Powered by a STIHL 2-MIX engine and with a spraying distance of up to 14.5 metres.

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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