ALLETT QC14V 14'' Verticut Cartridge
ALLETT QC14V 14'' Verticut Cartridge

ALLETT QC14V 14" Verticut Cartridge

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Experience the transformative power of the ALLETT Verticutter Cartridge.

The 14inch Verticut cartridge works hard to lift lateral growth and eliminate stubborn moss that might hinder the lawn's full potential.  This Verticut 14" cartridge by ALLETT then stimulates tillering and encourages fresh new growth, revitalizing the turf from the roots up.

A Nurturing Touch for the Lawn

Verticutting is beneficial for maintaining an optimal thatch level. While a touch of thatch can be beneficial, any accumulation over half an inch can stifle healthy growth. Fear not, as the Verticut cartridge is the trusty companion for the task, removing twice as much material as its scarifier counterpart.

The Verticutter's Grand Goals

The ALLETT Verticut cartridge ensures an enhanced tillering and stolon formation to then create a pristine, upright grass ready for a crisp trim. This technique also serves as a natural defence against weeds and weed grasses, steering clear of harmful chemicals while promoting the growth of finer grass varieties.


  • Compatible with: ALLETT Kensington 14B, ALLETT Liberty 35, ALLETT Classic 14L
  • Size: 14 inches

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