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MANTIS Weed Reducer 1722-00-14

MANTIS Weed Reducer 1722-00-14£10.00

Mantis Weed Reduce Attachment for the Mantis Tiller 1722-00-14

MANTIS Tine Detangler 1322-00-14

MANTIS Tine Detangler 1322-00-14£12.00

Mantis Tine Detangler for the Mantis Tiller 1322-00-14

MANTIS Debris Bag 1822-00-14

MANTIS Debris Bag 1822-00-14£12.49

Mantis Debris Bag for the Mantis Tiller 1822-00-14

MANTIS Oil-6 Pack 1522-00-14

MANTIS Oil-6 Pack 1522-00-14£12.99

Mantis Oil 6 Pack 1522-00-14

STIHL MultiTool Cultivator Blade

STIHL MultiTool Cultivator Blade£16.00

This attachment is a cultivator depth blade to vary the working depth of the MM-BK or MM-BF STIHL MultiTools by lifting and lowering the tool into and out of the soil.

MANTIS Kickstand 4333-00-14

MANTIS Kickstand 4333-00-14£21.00

Mantis Kickstand 4333-00-14

MANTIS Handy Item Kit 3777-00-14

MANTIS Handy Item Kit 3777-00-14£25.00

Mantis Tiller Handy Item Kit for Honda 25cc engine handy item kit 3777-00-14

MANTIS Lawn/border Edger 3222-00-14

MANTIS Lawn/border Edger 3222-00-14£32.00

Mantis Lawn/Border Edger Attachment for the Mantis Tiller 3222-00-14

MANTIS Tillers Storage Rack 811005

MANTIS Tillers Storage Rack 811005£32.00

Mantis Storage Rack Tiller Storage Rack 811005

STIHL MM-FC MultiTool Edge Trimmer

STIHL MM-FC MultiTool Edge Trimmer£35.00

This is an edge trimmer attachment for STIHL's MultiSystem, allowing you to create clean edges by cutting deep into the roots, or for cutting out patches of lawn to be transplanted.

STIHL MultiTool Weight Kit

STIHL MultiTool Weight Kit£35.00

This weight kit for the MM-BF Pick Tine and MM-BK Bolo Tine MultiTool attachments is ideal for increasing the pressure on the tool and ensuring better depth penetration into the ground.

STIHL MultiTool Wheel Kit

STIHL MultiTool Wheel Kit£42.00

This is a wheel kit accessory for STIHL's MM 55 MultiEngine, particularly for use with the MM-MF, MM-KW and MM-KB attachments. Note that this is now included with the MM 55 as standard.

HONDA FG110 Border Edger

HONDA FG110 Border Edger£46.00

Border edger fits onto the FG110 tiller, for neat and tidy edges

HONDA FG201 Border Edger

HONDA FG201 Border Edger£46.00

Border edger attachment to fit Honda FG201 Mini Tiller.

MANTIS Planter/Furrower 6222-00-14

MANTIS Planter/Furrower 6222-00-14£54.00

Mantis Planter/Furrower Attachment for the Mantis Tiller 6222-00-14

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Page 1 of 5:    63 Items
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