STIHL SHA56 Cordless Vacuum Shredder/Blower  Kit
STIHL SHA56 Cordless Vacuum Shredder/Blower  Kit

STIHL SHA56 Cordless Vacuum Shredder/Blower Kit

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Discover the power of convenience with the SHA 56 cordless vacuum shredder/blower.

Part of the powerful AK system

An integral part of the AK System, this versatile 2-in-1 wonder is meticulously engineered to effortlessly vacuum leaves, hedge cuttings, and debris while seamlessly transforming into a proficient blower too.

A user-friendly design for optimal performance

Equipped with a user-friendly design; the SHA 56 cordless vacuum shredder/ blower helps the user navigate through tasks with unmatched ease using the rotatable handle, tailored for exceptional comfort during operation.

Designed for effortless versatility, the SHA 56 transitions seamlessly from vacuum shredder to blower, and vice versa, in a tool-less manner. A simple twist of the handle by 180 degrees and the SHA 56 adapts snugly to the user's grip, ensuring an agile and comfortable experience.

Precision tailored to the task at hand

Harness the power of precise control with the variable speed trigger that governs both suction and blowing prowess, offering tailored performance at the user's fingertips.

Equipped with a catcher bag that connects directly to the vacuum tube, the SHA 56 eliminates the inconvenience of shoulder mounts. A padded adjustable shoulder strap lends invaluable support, granting stability during operation.

Bolstered by a metal shredder blade on the fan wheel, the SHA 56 effectively minimizes material volume in vacuum mode. No more worries about obstructions – the shredder blade opening remains readily accessible, allowing swift blockage clearance.

What the kit includes

Unlock up to 25 minutes of uninterrupted efficiency with the recommended AK 20 battery, making sure your tasks are accomplished seamlessly.

The kit includes the shell, 1x AK 20 battery and 1x AL101 charger to get started straight away.


  • Nominal voltage: 36 V
  • Blowing force: 8 N 1)
  • Max air speed: 61 m/s
  • Air throughput round nozzle: 560 m3/h
  • Air throughput flat nozzle: 490 m3/h
  • Sound pressure level: 81 dB(A) 2)
  • Sound power level: 94 dB(A) 2)
  • Vibration value (right): 1.1 m/s2 3)
  • Working time with AK 10 battery: up to 12 min 4)
  • Working time with AK 20 battery: up to 25 min 4)
  • Working time with AK 30 battery: up to 30 min 4)
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