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STIHL RTS Super Harness

STIHL RTS Super Harness
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Relieve back stress while using STIHL's long reach hedge trimmers.

The RTS Super Harness is designed to be used with the HL 95, HL 100, HLE 71 (not the HLE 71 K), KM-HL 135° and KM-HT tools.

It transfers the weight of the trimmer to your hips, resulting in a dramatic reduction in back stress while still allowing full freedom of movement. It is easily adjustable to suit your size.

For Use With: HL 95, HL 100, HLE 71 (not the HLE 71 K), KM-HL 135 ° and KM-HT

Brand:  STIHL

Part Number:  ST-00007904400
SKU: ST-00007904400

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