STIHL RMI 422.1P iMOW Robotic Mower

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The STIHL iMOW robotic mower with excellent cutting features.

Equipped with enhanced sensors, a mulching mower deck, excellent traction and a slope speed function to make mowing lawns up to 1500m2 a breeze!

Cutting system with a mulching mower deck

The iMOW boasts an excellent cutting system with varied cutting heights between 20 mm and 60 mm to ensure an excellent cutting finish on the lawn.  Furthermore, the iMOW is equipped with a mulching mowing deck with a reliable and efficient mulching blade.  Every time the blade stops; the mulching deck changes the rotational direction, which ensures minimal wear and tear on the blades.  In addition; the blades can be changed without the need to use tools.

Built for slopes

Built for inclines; the iMOW can handle uneven terrains and slopes of up to 35%, ensuring an even and high quality cut throughout regardless of the terrain.  Furthermore, thanks to adaptive slope speed; the iMOW impressively adjusts its speed to suit the terrain by using built-in sensors.  

Intelligent and advanced features

The iMOW comes with a docking station which is where the iMOW will head back to once it's battery is low, and it is the iMOW's home.   It is also the starting point for the iMOW when it embarks on a mowing operation.  The iMOW intelligently works out whether it requires an express charge or a normal mode charge based on the mowing schedule.

The user can set up a mowing schedule and allocate certain times of the day for the iMOW to mow the lawn; this is easily set up via the control panel.  If the weather was to change and it starts to rain; the iMOW will simply delay the mowing session for later at the allocated time frame.  Furthermore, the iMOW can automatically figure out the optimal times of mowing based on the given time frames.  

Easy to read LCD display

Featuring a high-contrast control panel; the user can easily set up or modify the settings of the iMOW, with easy access being located on the iMOW itself.  The control panel features an easy to read, even in bright light, LCD display with access to seeing how well the iMOW performs, service data and functions; all in one place.

The iMOW can be configured with a PIN code to start the iMOW; therefore minimising the risk of unauthorised use or even theft.

Equipped with a movable hood; the sensors on the iMOW is protected from the elements.  Furthermore, thanks to having multiple sensors; the iMOW can detect an obstacle in its way and will change direction to avoid bumping into it.  

Installation kit information

The iMOW comes equipped with a docking station and the pegs, however the user will require to purchase an installation kit to get the iMOW set up.  



Battery system

  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Nominal output: 60 W


  • Maximum lawn area: 1500m2
  • Average mowing during per week: 25 hours
  • Working speed: 4450 RPM
  • Mow on incline: Yes
  • Maximum gradient: 40%


  • Docking station included: Yes
  • Pegs included: Yes

Cutting system

  • Cutting height min-max: 20 mm - 60 mm
  • Cutting width: 20 cm


  • Weight: 10 kg


  • Uncertainty factor sound pressure level: 2 KpA dB(A)
  • Measured sound power level: 60 LWA dB(A)



Power Source
6301 011 1462
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