STIHL MS 661 C-M Petrol Chainsaw

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An extremely powerful 5.4kW professional forestry saw.

With STIHL's M-Tronic engine management system and excellent power, the MS 661 C-M is ideal for forestry and big timber harvesting applications. Available with a choice of bar lengths between 30 inch (75 cm) and 36 inch (90 cm).

Efficient, powerful performance

As STIHL's 2-MIX 2-stroke engine technology powers this machine, you can expect excellent performance combined with strong efficiency. For example, the 2-MIX system allows for up to 20 percent fuel savings and up to 50 percent exhaust emission reductions compared to standard 2-stroke equivalents. The MS 661 C-M also benefits from the Ematic chain lubrication system, which provides pinpoint lubrication of the saw chain links and guide bar rails to reduce bar oil consumption by up to 50 percent.

Simple, intelligent operation

The renowned M-Tronic engine management technology ensures your machine can rely on consistent engine performance, a constant maximum speed and superb acceleration, with ignition timing and fuel metering all adjusted for you, based on external conditions such as temperature, altitude and fuel quality. In addition, cold/warm start recognition means only one start position is needed on the Combi-Lever, and the engine starts after fewer pulls. Tool free filler caps and a chain tensioner located at the side of the machine help make it an exceptionally easy-to-use tool.

Comfortable, robust & durable design

Vibration levels in this machine are significantly reduced thanks to STIHL's anti-vibration system. This dampens the engine oscillations so that vibrations at the handles are minimised. Lower vibrations reduce the potential effects that power tools can have on blood vessels in the hands and arms, while also allowing you to work for longer without fatigue. The ElastoStart technology in this saw further reduces user strain, by taking the shock caused by the compression of the engine away from your joints and muscles. A HD2 filter is used to trap even very fine dust, as well as being easy to clean, assemble and disassemble.


Cylinder Displacement: 91.6 cm³ - 2-MIX
Power Output: 7.3 hp / 5.4 kW
M-Tronic: Yes
HD2 Air filter: Yes
Weight Without Fuel, Guide Bar and Chain: 7.4 kg
Weight to Power Ratio: 1.4 kg / kW
Oilomatic Saw Chain Pitch: 3/8"
Oilomatic Saw Chain Type: Rapid Super Comfort
AntiVibration System: Standard
Side Mounted Chain Tensioning: Standard
Chain Quick Tensioning: N/A
QuickStop Super Chain Brake: N/A
Decompression Valve: Standard
ElastoStart: Standard
Compensator: Standard
Long-Life Filter System: N/A
Tool-Free Tank Cap: Yes
Catalytic Converter: N/A
Heated Handle: N/A
Vibrations Left Handle: 5.5 m/s²
Vibrations Right Handle: 5.5 m/s²

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