STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw
STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw
STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw
STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw
STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw
STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw

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The world's most powerful chainsaw for forestry professionals

The MS 881 chainsaw from STIHL is a premium chainsaw designed for heavy, laborious use. It's designed for forestry professionals completing the most demanding forestry jobs including rip-sawing of big timber, crosscutting, and felling, and it can be fitted to a saw frame if desired.

Performance unmatched by any other chainsaw

With unrivalled performance, no other chainsaw on the market achieves the same 121.6 cc displacement and 6.4 kW engine power. Despite having a 2-MIX petrol engine, it complies with EU5 emission regulations ensuring a safe working environment for the user and the surrounding area. A specially designed HD2 filter has pores that are 70% finer compared to similar fleece and polyamide filters, which means it can trap finer dust and dirt and prevent it causing issues for the chainsaw.

A comfortable user experience

It's easy to start and get going with a convenient one touch stop function. The rounded handlebar is comfortable to hold, and the nearby guard protects the hand from debris during use.

Provided with a premium Rollomatic ES bar

The MS 881 is available to purchase with either a 30, 36, or 41 inch bar. The Rollomatic ES bar is a top quality, high performance bar designed for tough professional use. Its nose is replaceable and there are sealed bearings in the sprocket nose, both of which provide durability and lessen the need for maintenance, which saves time and money. The bar also features angled holes which provide optimum lubrication for a cleaner finish. 

  • Displacement: 121.6 cc
  • Power: 6.4 kW
  • Bar type: Rollomatic ES
  • Chain type: .404" RS
  • Weight (without bar and chain): 10 kg
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