STIHL MS 201 C-M Petrol Chainsaw

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A versatile, highly manoeuvrable saw that's a pleasure to work with.

Available with a choice of 12 or 14 inch guide bars, this is a lightweight saw perfect for harvesting thin wood and limbing applications.

Electronic engine management & STIHL's 2-MIX system

High performance is assured with the MS 201 C-M, courtesy of STIHL's economical 2-MIX engine and M-Tronic engine management system. This works by assessing external conditions such as temperature, altitude and fuel quality, before electronically adjusting ignition timing and fuel metering to take account of them. The result is reliable, consistent engine performance, acceleration and speed, while because the system knows whether you are starting warm or cold, only one start position is necessary.

As well as excellent performance, this is also an economical machine, with lower fuel consumption despite higher torque across a broad rpm range with four overflow channels swirling the fuel-air mix before ignition - giving better combustion and improve efficiency.

Enjoy exceptional cutting performance

With a choice of 12 or 14 inch bars, you can get just the right tool for your application. This is a high quality, light pro saw, which boasts high cutting and plunging performance and is well-suited to forestry, agriculture, gardening and landscaping operations. To ensure maximum cutting performance, a variety of clever features are fitted. A variable-displacement oil pump means precise, demand-based delivery of oil is guaranteed, while the side chain tensioner lets you easily change the chain tension without having to touch the saw chain.

So that your chain is ideally lubricated for the entirety of its use, STIHL's Ematic chain lubrication system is in place, resulting in longer wear and less oil consumption.

A great chainsaw to work with

Oscillations from the MS 201 C-M's engine are dampened before they reach your arms and hands courtesy of STIHL's anti-vibration technology. In addition to being more comfortable to use than ever before, the fact that all the important functions (start, choke, throttle and stop) are grouped on the single-lever master control means it is also simpler than ever to operate. Captive nuts mean you won't lose them when changing the cutting attachment, and the tool free filler cap facilitates hassle-free refuelling.

Starting is also easier than ever before, not only because of the M-Tronic technology, but also thanks to STIHL's ElastoStart technology, which minimises the shock caused as a result of the engine compression during starting.

  • Displacement: 35.2 cm³
  • Power Output: 1.8/2.4 kW/bhp
  • Power-to-Weight Ratio: 2.2 kg/kW
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Sound Pressure Level: 98-99 dB(A)
  • Sound Power Level: 112 dB(A)
  • Vibration Balues Left/Right: 2.6-3.3 / 2.7-3.3 m/s²
  • Chain Brake: QuickStop
  • Oil Tank Volume: 220 cm3
  • Tank Volume: 0.31 l
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MS 201 C-M 12 INCH
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