STIHL HS 87 T 30 Inch Hedge Trimmer

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Designed to finely shape formal hedges for an outstanding finish.

This is STIHL's 30 inch single-sided blade hedge trimmer model, complete with 2-MIX engine and anti-vibration technology.

Finely cut hedges with precision

This model has a specially optimised blade with smaller tooth spacing and lower tooth height in conjunction with the gearing for a high stroke rate. This allows for more specific and finer shapes to be achieved, making the HS 87 T an ideal machine for managing formal hedges and shrubs. The single-sided 30 inch / 75 cm blade's special geometry ensures a high level of cutting performance, every time.

Impressive engine technology

STIHL's 2-MIX engine technology provides lower fuel consumption, emissions and weight, combined with superb acceleration and power reserves to tackle the toughest tasks. It is also protected by a long-life air filter system, which has the added benefit of enabling longer cleaning intervals, and tool-free filler caps for fuel and oil, so keeping your machine running at its best is a quick and simple task.

Comfortable operation

Due to the anti-vibration system built into this machine, vibrations at the handles are significantly reduced thanks to dampened engine oscillations. The tool can be controlled using a single operating element, which houses the choke, start gas, operating position and stop function, allowing for more comfortable operation. An electronic ignition module makes the HS 87 T more reliable to start and run, while the manual fuel pump helps to reduce the number of starting pulls needed after extended breaks in operation.


Displacement: 22.7 cm³ 2-mix
Power Output: 1 hp / 0.7 kW
Weight (Unfuelled, Complete): 5.2 kg
Blade Length: 30" / 60cm
Overall Length: 49" / 122 cm
Anti-Vibration System: Standard

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