STIHL HL 92 C-E Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

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Versatile operation helps to make garden maintenance hassle-free.

Lightweight operation & several clever features as standard with STIHL's new HL 92 C-E.

Powerful, precise & versatile cutting

STIHL's HL 92 C-E boasts 50 cm double reciprocating blades, which mean you can expect your machine to deal with tough challenges around the garden without an issue. The cutter bar is adjustable in both directions to 145 degrees, and has tooth spacing of 34 mm. As the long-shafted version of this machine, the HL 92 C-E is able to reach tall hedges and higher vegetation without difficulty.

Clever engine technology for efficient performance

The HL 92 C-E uses STIHL's 2-MIX engine technology, giving improved fuel consumption, power and easier starting. Their ErgoStart technology also helps reduce the amount of effort required to get the machine up and running, with less force necessary on the starter cord. A manual fuel pump also reduces the number of starting strokes needed following inactivity.

Comfortable working & simple operation

Benefiting from STIHL's ECOSPEED system, you are able to tailor the HL 92 C-E's engine power to suit your task, allowing you to maximise fuel consumption and increase the machine's efficiency. If you have to work in noise-sensitive areas, you can also keep the power lower to reduce operating noise. With the loop-handled control, you can work in close quarters while enjoying excellent manoeuvrability, and a multi-function control area keeps engine operation simple.

  • Displacement cm³: 21.4
  • Blade Length cm: 50
  • Power Output kW: 0.75
  • Total Length cm: 232
  • Weight kg: 6.0
  • Vibration Levels Left/Right m/s²: 4.1/1.5
  • Sound Pressure Level dB(A): 91.00
  • Sound Power Level dB(A): 106.00
  • Stroke Rate 1/min: 3,615
  • Tooth Spacing mm: 34
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HL 92-CE
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