STIHL FSA 86 R Cordless Brushcutter (Kit)
STIHL FSA 86 R Cordless Brushcutter (Kit)
STIHL FSA 86 R Cordless Brushcutter (Kit)
STIHL FSA 86 R Cordless Brushcutter (Kit)

STIHL FSA 86 R Cordless Brushcutter (Kit)

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Embark on effortless precision mowing with the STIHL FSA 86 R cordless brushcutter

Crafted meticulously for professional-grade garden and landscape maintenance, the STIHL FSA 86 R exemplifies contemporary design coupled with powerful performance. It's the embodiment of efficiency and adaptability, offering a remarkable experience for those seeking an optimal amalgamation of durability, convenience, and power.

Quiet operation in sensitive areas

Thanks to STIHL's professional AP battery system, the FSA 86 R is not only powerful but also operates quietly, allowing work in noise-sensitive areas. This environmentally considerate brushcutter yields zero emissions, and with the AP batteries, it grants mobility and flexibility in every task, making it a true ally of the earth and a silent partner is every venture.

Precision & control in compact spaces

The FSA 86 R is designed with a cutting circle diameter of 350 mm and equipped with an AutcoCut C 6-2 mowing head, ensuring precise and clear trimming around obstacles, trees, and bushes. The ergonomic and comfortable all-round handle coupled with the loop handle supports operations in tight spaces, giving you superior control even in confined areas.

Ergonomically designed for continuous operation

Navigate your mowing tasks with ease with the infinitely variable speed control and ergonomic operating handle. The self-resetting locking lever prevents unintentional activation, allowing for continuous and effortless operation with the ERGO lever and main trigger lever. The spacer bracket also serves as protection for the mowing head and plants during use, ensuring safe and uninterupted work.

Maintenance-free and efficient motor

The FSA 86 R houses STIHL's brushless electric motor (EC), renowned for its energy efficiency and maintenance-free operation. This motor guarantees that the battery power is converted into impressive performance while being electronically controlled to adjust the load during operation, ensuring longevity and optimal energy utilization.

Versatility and adaptability for diverse needs

Experience the versatility of the FSA 86 R with easily interchangeable cutting tools including PolyCut 6-2 or DuroCut 5-2 (sold separately), and enjoy the flexibility to adapt to various mowing requirements. It's also compatible with the Smart Connector 1.0 (also sold separately), allowing seamless integration into STIHL connected.

Durable and all-weather compatible

Constructed with a sturdy aluminium shaft and rated IPX4, the FSA 86 R is suitable for all-weather operation, ensuring resilience and reliability in any condition. The device's durable design and innovative features make it a versatile choice for ambitious mowing tasks.

A battery and charger are included

As well as the brushcutter shell, the recommended AP 200 battery and AL 301 quick charger are included. The AP 200 battery will provide up to 35 minutes (with nylon mowing head) or up to 60 minutes (with PolyCut (sold separately)) working time per charge. The AL 301 charger will restore the AP 200 battery 0-100% in 55 minutes.

Check out the FSA 86 R in action!

STIHL Warranty

STIHL AP System tools and batteries are covered for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase by the owner, when used for the designed purpose of that product by professional users (including hire, rental and construction industry, farm and estate). Terms and conditions apply. Ron Smith & Co will register the warranty with STIHL for you.

  • Battery system: AP System​
  • Nominal voltage: 36 V
  • Standard cutting tool: AutoCut C 6-2
  • Cutting diameter: 350 mm
  • Sound pressure level: 77 dB(A)
  • Sound power level: 91 dB(A)
  • Vibration value on the left (with line head): 3.7 m/s2
  • Vibration value right (with line head): 2 m/s2
  • Total length: 172 cm
  • Weight (excluding battery): 3.2 kg 
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