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STIHL FSA 60 R Cordless Brushcutter (Promo Kit)

STIHL FSA 60 R Cordless Brushcutter (Promo Kit)
STIHL FSA 60 R Cordless Brushcutter (Promo Kit)STIHL FSA 60 R Cordless Brushcutter (Promo Kit)STIHL FSA 60 R Cordless Brushcutter (Promo Kit)
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Efficient new brush cutter for 2021

The Updated FSA 60 R brush cutter promo set is durable, comfortable and efficient to work with, its brand-new features make it the perfect machine for professional and domestic users on medium to large gardens.  

Technology ready for any challenge

Operated by STIHL’s AK system it includes a feature which allows interchangeable batteries. With plenty of power this cordless system is quiet meaning at any time you are free to use this brush cutter without needing hearing protectors. No harmful emissions are let off making it ecofriendly for the atmosphere helping you feel green. During use the brush cutters EC motor electronically adjusts the load.

Ergonomically designed handle

STIHL’s easily controlled handle has a locking lever which is self-resetting to avoid the unintended turning on of the machine, when pressed the ERGO lever and shift lever well help you work continuously. To ensure control and efficiency over the mowing head it has three different speed levels to manage this.

Compatible cutting tools

This power tool can be fitted with either the Polycut 6-2, the AutoCut C 6-2, or the DuroCut 5-2 to the FSA 60R can be changed by hand effortlessly all without the need for tools. The AutoCut 6-2 mowing headlines are automatically extended when the mowing head is tapped on the ground. The loading system is brilliant for a quick and simple line refill, the double mowing line head is ideal for trimming and thinning work - also compatible with line diameters of 2.0m and 2.4mm.

Excellent for precise trimming in tricky areas

The robust aluminum shaft and well-engineered all-round loop handle are perfect for tight spaces due to its comfortable grip and ergonomic design. The mowing head has a spacer bracket providing protection to plants, shrubbery and other objects from damage, especially those in noise sensitive environments, as well as it is stopping the mowing head from being impaired too. This updated brush cutter has a cutting circle diameter with working width of 350mm.

2x AK 20 batteries and AL 101 charger included

The STIHL FSA 60 R cordless brush cutter promo set supplies the AutoCut C 6-2 mowing head 2x AK 20 batteries, and an AL 101 charger setting you up to create the garden you have always wanted. This machine is part of the AK system meaning any AK batteries will fit. One battery per full charge will get you 25 minutes working time.

  • Total length: 168cm
  • Sound pressure level: 81 dB(A)2
  • Sound power level: 94 dB(A)2
  • Vibration value with line head: left 3.7 m/s2  right 2 m/s2
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Working time with AK 20 battery: up to 25 minutes
  • Rated voltage: 36V
  • Cutting diameter: 350mm

Brand:  STIHL
Primary User:  Domestic & Professional
Power Source:  Battery
Battery System:  STIHL AK System
Brand:  STIHL
Part number:  FA042000003

Part Number:  FA042000003

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