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STIHL TS 410 Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 410 Disc Cutter
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STIHL FW 20 Cart With Attachment KitSTIHL FW 20 Cart With Attachment Kit


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Due to supply issues; this saw will not be supplied with a cutting wheel until further notice.

A 3.2 kW compact and robust 12 inch cut-off saw.

STIHL's TS 410 comes with ElastoStart, low vibrations and high performance, as well as a whole host of quality enhancements that are hallmarks of STIHL's quality design.

Comfortable operation

The TS 410 has a built-in anti-vibration system, which dampens the engine's oscillations to significantly reduce vibrations at the unit's handles. Thanks to an ergonomic grip position, you will enjoy excellent cutting comfort in any working position. This saw can be used as a handheld tool or in conjunction with the FW 20 cart.

Easy to use

This machine uses STIHL's ElastoStart technology, a primer pump and decompression valve to make starting easier and less tiring than ever before. The number of starting strokes is reduced, as is the shock that comes from the compression of the engine. To suppress the dust produced during cutting, water is supplied to the cutting wheel through the standard water connection with a sprinkler system. This does not interfere with your work but provides a vital service.

Durable & powerful

Light and consistent re-tensioning of the drive belt increases the service life of the belts and shaft bearings. A pre-separation air filtration system ensures it also has a longer life, as larger, heavier particles are ejected and the pre-cleaned air is routed to the air filter via the pre-separator duct. This model uses STIHL's 2-MIX engine technology with stratified charge, which reduces the amount of fuel lost during the charge cycle, resulting in more power with a lower weight, up to 20 percent lower fuel consumption and significantly reduced exhaust emissions compared to standard 2-stroke machinery.

  • Displacement: 66.7 cm³
  • Power Output: 3.2/4.4 kW/bhp
  • Weight Excluding Cutting Wheel: 9.4 kg
  • Sound Pressure Level: 98.0 dB(A)
  • Sound Power Level: 109.0 dB(A)
  • Vibration Levels Left/Right: 3.9/3.9 m/s²
  • Cutting Wheel: 300 mm / 12 inches (not currently supplied)
  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 100 mm
  • Total Length: 67.5 cm

Brand:  STIHL
Power Source:  Petrol

Part Number:  TS410
SKU: S1-TS410

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