SILKY Hand Tools LONGBOY (2 Extensions)
SILKY Hand Tools LONGBOY (2 Extensions)

SILKY Hand Tools LONGBOY (2 Extensions)

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The Silky LONGBOY is a lightweight, state of the art telescoping folding saw, making it the choice by professional users.
Features include aluminium alloy extension poles that are oval shaped, which provides precise cutting control over the direction of the blade, this helps reducing bending and flexing to a minimum which is especially important when at full reach. The base pole is fitted with a pole-end shock absorber and a comfortable rubberized over grip.
Fitted with a 14" impulse hardened curved blade, which utilizes Silky MIRAI-ME (smooth cutting ) technology. The precision ground, razor sharp teeth with 4 cutting angles provide fast, clean and extremely smooth cutting action.
The aggressive curved blade cuts efficiently with less effort and maintains a superior wear resistant cutting edge, making it ideal for cutting branches at higher levels without the use of a ladder.
Comes complete with a yellow blade cover, which securely locks to the lower pole when folded.
Fitted with 2 locking systems to assure structural rigidity of the poles, locking pins/buttons and friction clamps for security.
Extension range is from 4.8 feet to 12 feet.

2 Extension,3 poles/sections
Extension range: 4.8 feet - 12 feet (1450mm - 3600mm)
Blade: 14 inch (360mm)
Teeth per inch: 6.5 / 7.5 per 30mm
Operating Weight: 2.04 kg
Protective blade cover: Yes

Power Source
SKU: SF-365-36
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