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Silky Saws are known across the world as the best saws available. Japanese construction and only top quality components are used in the making of these saws which are built to perform, and last for years to come. Silky saws feature laser cut impulse hardened blades for exceptional performance and maximum service life.
The unique alloy steel used is exclusively produced for Silky Saws, making it harder, longer lasting, and delivers exceptional tensile strength, which provides an ideal combination of hardness and flexibility.
Using a special high frequency heating technique, the teeth are heated instantly and hardened, whilst the remainder of the blade is unchanged and still retains its normal flexibility, the teeth remain razor sharp and last about 3 times as long as non hardened teeth. The handles are made from a high tech rubber compound which is non slip, comfortable to hold, reduces vibration, and offers superior grip especially in the cold and wet, which provides extra safety.
All Silky saws come with either a custom designed scabbard, carrying case, or folds away and supplied with a flip top case.
The GOMTARO is a beautifully balanced straight pruning saw, with a choice of 240mm/270mm/300mm, ultra-strong, mono-constructed blade - available with different number of teeth in either 240mm/270mm/300mm.
Other features include MIRAI-ME smooth cutting technology, for clean smooth cuts, rust resistant blade. The GOMTARO is a popular choice for arborists and professional gardeners worldwide, due to its excellent design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. Supplied with a durable black polypropylene sheath for protection, which includes a belt clip.

Blade Length: 300mm / 11.8 inches
Teeth/30mm: 8 Large teeth
Interchangeable blade:Yes
Folding Blade: Fixed
Non Stick Blade: Yes
Carrying case: Polypropylene sheath with belt clip.

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SKU: SF-102-30
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