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CAMON C50i Chipper

CAMON C50i Chipper£1,374.00   £1,270.00

The C50i Garden Chipper with a Honda GX200 engine, from CAMON, has a 2 inch cutting capacity, along with several clever features to make it particularly compact and easy to transport.

MASPORT Chipper Shredders 6.5XL

MASPORT Chipper Shredders 6.5XL£1,065.00

Masport chipper shredder with Subaru 404cc petrol engine


ELIET MAESTRO CITY Garden Shredder£1,099.00   £1,019.00

Able to shred timber up to a diameter of 40 mm, this garden shredder is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 160 cc engine, and comes with a 60 litre collecting bag as standard.

MIGHTY MAC LSC800EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper

MIGHTY MAC LSC800EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper£989.00

BEAR CAT SC2170 Chipper Shredder

BEAR CAT SC2170 Chipper Shredder£977.00

Bearcat SC2170 5cm/ 2" Chipper/Shredder with a 5.5 hp Subaru OHV Engine

VIKING Garden Shredders GB370S

VIKING Garden Shredders GB370S£916.00

Viking GB370S 45mm Capacity Petrol Shredder with a 6.5hp ohv B&S engine

LAWNFLITE GTS600L Petrol Chipper

LAWNFLITE GTS600L Petrol Chipper£949.00   £885.00

The Lawnflite wood chippers offer excellent value, high quality, and superb performance, with a powerful 163cc engine.

HANDY THPDS65 Petrol Chipper/Shredder

HANDY THPDS65 Petrol Chipper/Shredder£899.99   £799.99

Powered by an impressive high performance Briggs & Stratton engine, this chipper shredder is able to handle branches up to 50 mm thick, utilising four drum mounted blades.

HANDY THCS65 Petrol Chipper/Shredder

HANDY THCS65 Petrol Chipper/Shredder£769.99   £729.99

This high performance petrol chipper shredder benefits from a 1450 Series Briggs & Stratton engine, allowing you to easily reduce the volume of your garden waste.

ELIET Garden Shredders NEO2

ELIET Garden Shredders NEO2£722.00   £669.00

Eliet Neo 1.2" Shredder 2500 W

ELIET Garden Shredders NEO

ELIET Garden Shredders NEO£680.00   £629.00

Eliet Neo 1.2" Shredder 2500 W

VIKING Garden Shredders GE355

VIKING Garden Shredders GE355£645.00   £499.99

Viking GE355 35mm Capacity Electric Shredder with a 2500W 230 V Motor

MANTIS Original 635 litres Compos Tumbler

MANTIS Original 635 litres Compos Tumbler£389.99

Turn the handle to spin the drum each day, and you will be supplied with a constant supply of rich fertiliser for your garden in 2 weeks or less.

VIKING Garden Shredders GE250

VIKING Garden Shredders GE250£470.00   £349.99

Viking GE250 1.18" Capacity Electric Shredder with a 230 V Motor

VIKING Garden Shredders GE150

VIKING Garden Shredders GE150£415.00   £299.99

Viking GE150 1.38" Capacity Electric Shredder with a 230 V Motor

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Page 2 of 3:    39 Items
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