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LAWNFLITE Tracked Chipper Shredder

LAWNFLITE Tracked Chipper Shredder£5,999.00

Thanks to its 18 cm wide caterpillar tracks, this self-propelled chipper shredder is a great solution for forestry work on rough terrain, while also being superbly capable for more regular garden or park use.

ELIET Garden Shredders PROF 5

ELIET Garden Shredders PROF 5£5,109.00

Eliet PROF 5 Professional Garden Shredder with a 13hp Honda GX390 OHV Engine

CAMON C150 Chipper Shredder

CAMON C150 Chipper Shredder£3,570.00   £3,300.00

Camon C150 Garden Chipper-Shredder Honda GX390 OHV engine,3.5" cutting capacity,0.75"/20mm shredding capacity.

ELIET Garden Shredders MAJOR 4S

ELIET Garden Shredders MAJOR 4S£3,303.00   £3,049.00

Eliet Major 4S Professional Garden Shredder with a 9 hp Honda Engine

LAWNFLITE GTS1300L chipper shredder

LAWNFLITE GTS1300L chipper shredder£3,099.00   £2,885.00


ELIET Garden Shredders MAJOR PTO

ELIET Garden Shredders MAJOR PTO£2,785.00   £2,589.00

Eliet Major 4S Professional Garden Shredder with a PTO drive

BEAR CAT SC3342XE Chipper Shredder

BEAR CAT SC3342XE Chipper Shredder£2,750.00   £2,338.00

The Bearcat SC3342XE chipper shredders feature two reversible chipping blades, and twelve serrated shredding knives to provide the most efficient reduction of debris.

CAMON C80 Chipper Shredder

CAMON C80 Chipper Shredder£2,358.00   £2,180.00

Camon C80 Chipper shredder with Honda engine.

LAWNFLITE GTS900L Petrol Chipper

LAWNFLITE GTS900L Petrol Chipper£2,299.00   £2,140.00

The Lawnflite wood chippers offer excellent value, high quality, and superb performance, with a powerful 270cc engine.

ELIET Garden Shredders MINOR 4S

ELIET Garden Shredders MINOR 4S£2,295.00   £2,119.00

Eliet Minor 4S Petrol Shredder with a Honda 6.5HP GX200 OHV Engine

BEAR CAT SC3265XE Chipper Shredder

BEAR CAT SC3265XE Chipper Shredder£2,475.00   £2,104.00

This is a 3 inch Chipper Shredder with a 9.0 hp Subaru 265cc OHV Engine, two reversible chipping blades and twelve reversible shredding knives.

ELIET MINOR 4S GP200 OHV Garden Shredder

ELIET MINOR 4S GP200 OHV Garden Shredder£1,949.00

The Eliet Minor 4S is powered by a top quality Honda GP200 OHV engine.

VIKING Garden Shredders GB460

VIKING Garden Shredders GB460£1,591.00

Viking GB460 60mm Capacity Petrol Shredder with a Briggs & Stratton series 850 PRO RS 6.5hp OHV engine

MIGHTY MAC LSC1100EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper

MIGHTY MAC LSC1100EX Leaf Shredder-Chipper£1,389.00


ELIET MAESTRO COUNTRY Garden Shredder£1,435.00   £1,339.00

Supplied with an 80 litre collecting bag that's easy to remove, this garden shredder can take timber up to 40 mm in diameter. Powered by a 6 hp Briggs & Stratton engine.

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