SHEEN X500 Flame Gun KIT

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Incinerate weeds with 2000 degrees of heat.

The Sheen X500 flame gun consist of a one gallon tank, integral pressure pump, pressure guage, precision control valve and a burner.

Sturdy and simple to operate, the X500 surpasses the most stringent safety standards. The X300 is perfect for all weed killing operations, cultivation of cleared soil and rough ground clearance. Operates at 2000 degrees Farenheit which destroys weeds, spores and bacteria organically with no poison hazards for crops, soil, pets or wildlife. 

A second gunning incinerates all top growth and weed seeds, leaving a potash rich residue.

This kit comes with both the trolley and hood accessories. The trolley allows for easy operation, allowing the user to transport the gun without carrying it. The hood focuses the area of effect, allowing for more accurate applications of flame, and making for a safer user experience.

  • 1 gallon fuel tank
  • Paraffin fuel
  • 2000 degrees Fahrenheit flame
  • Integral pressure pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Precision control valve and burner
  • Trolley
  • Flame Hood
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X500 flame gun kit
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