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HUSQVARNA Ridger Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Ridger Attachment (T300RH)£69.99

Designed for Husqvarna's T300RH cultivator, this is a simple attachment that allows you to prepare garden beds before planting or seeding, ideal for adding versatility to your garden work.

HUSQVARNA Rotating Brush Kit

HUSQVARNA Rotating Brush Kit£65.99   £60.29

A genuine Husqvarna rotating brush kit containing 3 types of brushes and a built in detergent tank with regulation to clean a variety of surfaces.


HUSQVARNA Battery Bag£30.86   £28.79

For Husqvarna's BLi10, BLi20, BLi100 and BLi200 batteries, this insulated battery bag is both splash waterproof and provides shock absorption protection. It keeps your batteries warm in winter and cool in summer.

HUSQVARNA Weeding Tool Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Weeding Tool Attachment (T300RH)£109.99

An attachment designed for Husqvarna's T300RH cultivator, this is a weeding tool to enable to you easily and effortless remove weeds from your flower beds and borders.


HUSQVARNA HP 2-Stroke Oil£2.29  -  £10.34

Designed to meet tough challenges, Husqvarna's 2-stroke engine oil is also formulated to work well even with low-quality fuels. It is ideal for use with the entire range of Husqvarna's 2-stroke machinery.

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Bag

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Bag£31.50

Ideal for keeping your Husqvarna chainsaw safe and protected, this case has been specifically designed for the Husqvarna range. It also boasts extra pockets for chainsaw files as well as a fastener tape pocket to the outside.

HUSQVARNA Bio Clip Kit for LC347V

HUSQVARNA Bio Clip Kit for LC347V£39.99   £36.39

HUSQVARNA Large Battery Box

HUSQVARNA Large Battery Box£74.99   £64.00

A large box ideal for safely storing and transporting your Husqvarna batteries, chargers and other accessories, this durable and robust box is also compatible with the Systainer Box System.

HUSQVARNA Moss Rake Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Moss Rake Attachment (T300RH)£134.99

Using spring tines to rake moss and dead grass from your lawn to enable healthy growth in the future, this attachment for Husqvarna's T300RH Compact Pro cultivator is perfect for keeping your lawn at its best.

HUSQVARNA Scarifier Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Scarifier Attachment (T300RH)£117.00

Designed to be used with Husqvarna's T300RH Compact Pro cultivator, this scarifier attachment provides holes in the lawn to allow air, water and fertiliser to reach the roots.

HUSQVARNA 94 cm Combi Cutting Deck (200 Series)

HUSQVARNA 94 cm Combi Cutting Deck (200 Series)£999.00   £949.00

A quality 94 cm cutting deck with highly efficient BioClip (mulching) and rear discharge cutting methods, for use with Husqvarna 200 Series ride-on lawnmowers.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors£18.69   £16.48

A great value way to protect your hearing, these Husqvarna earmuffs feature basic ear protectors along with an extra wide headband for a secure, comfortable fit and less pressure on your head.

HUSQVARNA Metal Clip Braces

HUSQVARNA Metal Clip Braces£24.99   £18.49

With strong metal clips, these Husqvarna braces are designed to easily attach to your chainsaw trousers or chaps. They feature extra wide straps and an adjustable length.


HUSQVARNA Rider Cover£89.99   £74.69

Keep your Husqvarna Rider protected from rain and water with this water-resistant nylon cover. Featuring ventilation holes and an adjustable drawstring.

HUSQVARNA Automower House

HUSQVARNA Automower House£187.05

Providing Husqvarna Automower® with an extra layer of protection against the elements and sun exposure. It includes a cable hatch and foldable roof for convenience.

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Search for:    HUSQVARNA        Show All Products

Page 1 of 25:    374 Results
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