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GP EGVT01 Tractor Front Lift

GP EGVT01 Tractor Front Lift£99.00

EGVT01 Front lift,suitable for all Garden Tractors,max lifting capacity 130kg

SHEEN Flame Gun Hood

SHEEN Flame Gun Hood£32.40   £29.00

The Sheen Hood Sheen Hood accessory increases accuracy and safety.

SHEEN Flame Gun Trolley

SHEEN Flame Gun Trolley£99.54   £94.50

The Sheen trolley accessory removes the need to carry the flame gun.

HANDY HP-189 Chainsaw Safety Kit

HANDY HP-189 Chainsaw Safety Kit£89.99

Containing chainsaw chaps, a helmet with visor, ear muffs and gloves, this kit is a great-value way to acquire everything you need to operate in safety.

HANDY HP-100 Lawn Mower Starter Kit

HANDY HP-100 Lawn Mower Starter Kit£12.99

A lawn mower starter kit so that you can keep your machine running smoothly, this pack contains a petrol can, oil and a funnel to avoid unnecessary mess.

Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves

Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves£22.95

GOLD LEAF Dry Touch Gloves

GOLD LEAF Dry Touch Gloves£20.95

Suitable for a variety of gardening purposes such as potting, wedding and light pruning.

HANDY HP-101 Chainsaw Starter Kit

HANDY HP-101 Chainsaw Starter Kit£39.99

Keep your chainsaw running smoothly and operate it in safety with this great value chainsaw kit. Containing a helmet, gloves, a mixing bottle for fuel, a filter funnel, engine oil and chain oil.

PRO-ELEC 1 Way 10 Metre Extension Lead

PRO-ELEC 1 Way 10 Metre Extension Lead£19.99

A ten metre long extension lead, this one way cable is perfect for giving you additional range for your power tools and equipment.

Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gloves

Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gloves£26.95

Ideal for those requiring a truly luxurious and stylish pruning gaunlet.

HANDY HP-102 Trimmer Starter Kit

HANDY HP-102 Trimmer Starter Kit£19.99

Operate in safety and keep your trimmer working at its best with this starter kit, containing ear muffs, a visor, gloves, a mixing bottle, a filter funnel and 500 ml of 2 stroke oil.

HANDY THHX485 Snow Shovel

HANDY THHX485 Snow Shovel£19.99

Ideal for clearing large quantities of snow from paths, lawns and driveways, this purpose-built snow shovel boasts a 48 cm working width.

HANDY TH66525 4 Way Splitting Wedge (For THLSV-6, THPLS7TE & THPLS7TP)

HANDY TH66525 4 Way Splitting Wedge (For THLSV-6, THPLS7TE & THPLS7TP)£27.99   £24.99

Intended to fit over the existing splitting wedge on your Handy THLSV-6, THPLS7TE or THPLS7TP, this four way splitting wedge will dramatically increase your splitting efficiency.

ELITE En-Save Transformer 100v 3.3KVA

ELITE En-Save Transformer 100v 3.3KVA£75.00

Gold Leaf Winter Touch Gloves

Gold Leaf Winter Touch Gloves£24.95

The winter touch gloves, as you would expect is designed to offer extra comfort and durability throughout the colder, wetter months of the year. Keeping hands warm and dry during all general gardening tasks.

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Search for:    GP        Show All Products

Page 1 of 3:    37 Results
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