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CAMON C80 Chipper Shredder

CAMON C80 Chipper Shredder£2,394.00   £2,215.00

Camon C80 Chipper shredder with Honda engine.

CAMON C150 Chipper Shredder

CAMON C150 Chipper Shredder£3,594.00   £3,325.00

Camon C150 Garden Chipper-Shredder Honda GX390 OHV engine,3.5" cutting capacity,0.75"/20mm shredding capacity.

CAMON LS42 Collector Bag (45 Litres)

CAMON LS42 Collector Bag (45 Litres)£67.00

Allowing you to boost your efficiency while scarifying, this 45 litre collector bag designed for CAMON's LS42 is effortless to attach and remove from your machine and means you don't have to rake up or collect the debris.

CAMON Fixed Blade Scarifier Cartridge (LS42/LS14)

CAMON Fixed Blade Scarifier Cartridge (LS42/LS14)£258.00   £239.00

Intended for use with CAMON's interchangeable lawn scarifier range, this fixed blade/lawn slitter cartridge is compatible with the LS14 and LS42 models. Featuring 15 heavy-duty blades.

CAMON LS14 Collector Bag (35 Litres)

CAMON LS14 Collector Bag (35 Litres)£72.00   £67.00

This 35 litre collection bag for CAMON's LS14 lawn scarifier is an easy-to-fit solution that makes scarifying your lawn simpler and saves you the time of raking up.

CAMON C8 Tiller

CAMON C8 Tiller£2,784.00   £2,575.00

Camon Tillers C8 Honda 8.0hp OHV Engine,20" working width,1 forward speeds & 1 reverse.

CAMON C2000 Tiller

CAMON C2000 Tiller£1,074.00   £988.00

Camon C2000 25" Tiller with a Honda GX160 5.5 hp OHV 4 Stroke Engine

CAMON C13 Petrol Tiller

CAMON C13 Petrol Tiller£4,134.00   £3,825.00

Camon Tillers C13 Honda 11.7hp OHV Engine,26" working width,3 forward speed & 3 reverse plus travel.

CAMON Spring Rake Scarifier Cartridge (LS42/LS14)

CAMON Spring Rake Scarifier Cartridge (LS42/LS14)£254.00   £216.00

Interchangeable with other cartridges for CAMON's LS14 and LS42 models, this spring rake attachment features 30 free-swinging springs to gently clear moss and thatch without harming the grass.

CAMON Lawn Aerator LA25

CAMON Lawn Aerator LA25£2,382.00   £2,200.00

Camon Lawn Aerator LA25 petrol Professional Petrol Aerator

CAMON Turf Cutter TC07

CAMON Turf Cutter TC07£2,010.00   £1,859.00

Camon TC07 Turf Cutter Self-Propelled Turf Cutter,Honda GX160 5.5hp OHV Commercial Grade Engine

CAMON C50i Chipper

CAMON C50i Chipper£1,374.00   £1,270.00

The C50i Garden Chipper with a Honda GX200 engine, from CAMON, has a 2 inch cutting capacity, along with several clever features to make it particularly compact and easy to transport.

CAMON Free-Swinging Blade Scarifier Cartridge (LS42/LS14)

CAMON Free-Swinging Blade Scarifier Cartridge (LS42/LS14)£306.00   £283.00

For efficient, powerful scarifying, this interchangeable cartridge for CAMON's LS14 and LS42 ranges has 30 free-swinging blades to remove large quantities of moss and thatch, quickly.

CAMON LS14F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)

CAMON LS14F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)£954.00   £880.00

With a Honda engine and coming with a 15 fixed-blade cartridge that is interchangeable with the LS42 range, this lawn scarifier provides high-quality, versatile operation.

CAMON LS14S Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)

CAMON LS14S Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)£1,002.00   £930.00

A Honda-powered lawn scarifier, this model comes with a cartridge housing 30 free-swinging blades. This is interchangeable with CAMON's LS42 cartridges, giving you excellent versatility in your garden maintenance jobs.

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Search for:    CAMON        Show All Products

Page 1 of 3:    38 Results
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