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AL-KO HT 550 Hedge Trimmer

AL-KO HT 550 Hedge Trimmer£169.00   £149.00

Alko HT550 electric hedgetrimmer

AL-KO HT 440 Hedge Trimmer

AL-KO HT 440 Hedge Trimmer£129.00   £119.00

Alko HT440 electric hedgetrimmer

AL-KO EKS 2400/40 Electric Chainsaw

AL-KO EKS 2400/40 Electric Chainsaw£169.00   £159.00

Alko EKS2400/40 Electric chainsaw with 16" bar/p>

AL-KO EKI 2200/40 Electric Chainsaw

AL-KO EKI 2200/40 Electric Chainsaw£199.00   £179.00

Alko EK2200/40 chainsaw with 14" bar

AL-KO EKS 2000/35 Electric Chainsaw

AL-KO EKS 2000/35 Electric Chainsaw£159.00   £149.00

This 14 inch electric saw boasts superb ergonomics, allowing you to enjoy fatigue-free operation. It benefits further from a powerful, transversely mounted electric motor.

AL-KO 40 E Electric Lawn Mower

AL-KO 40 E Electric Lawn Mower£239.00   £219.00

This is a three-in-one function electric lawn mower, along you to mow, collect and mulch, thanks to the included mulching insert. With a 40 cm cutting width and a 43 litre collector.

AL-KO CF 500 Tiller Attachment (BF 5002-R)

AL-KO CF 500 Tiller Attachment (BF 5002-R)£449.00   £419.00

This tiller attachment for the AL-KO BF 5002-R Combi Tool boasts a 500 mm working width and allows you to efficiently cultivate your land, without the need to purchase additional machines.

AL-KO GW 50 Garden Roller

AL-KO GW 50 Garden Roller£169.00   £149.00

AL-KO GW50 Garden Roller
Quality built in Austria Garden Roller, every roller is Pressure tested at the european factory and robot welded to precise tollerances.
The best built garden roller on the market today

AL-KO CB 870 Scythe Attachment (BF 5002-R)

AL-KO CB 870 Scythe Attachment (BF 5002-R)£419.00   £399.00

Designed to be used with the AL-KO BF 5002-R Combi tool, this scythe attachment has a working width of 870 mm and is intended for dealing with high grass or thick weeds in gardens and meadows.

AL-KO 38 E Electric Scarifier

AL-KO 38 E Electric Scarifier£199.00   £169.00

This 3-in-1 lawn rake and scarifier also benefits from collecting functionality, while its 37 cm working width makes it well suited to lawns up to 800 m². Complete with a 55 litre collector.

AL-KO 38 P Petrol Scarifier

AL-KO 38 P Petrol Scarifier£399.00   £359.00

The Combi Care 38 P is a 3-in-1 lawn rake, scarifier and collector, able to provide top quality, straightforward lawn maintenance. With a 37 cm working width and a 1.3 kW petrol engine.

AL-KO BM 875 III Scythe Mower

AL-KO BM 875 III Scythe Mower£1,099.00   £999.00

Powered by a 190 cc, 2.4 kW Briggs & Stratton engine, this scythe mower uses its 87 cm cutting width to make light work of tall grass or thick, matted weeds in wild gardens or meadows.

AL-KO BM 5001-R II Scythe Mower

AL-KO BM 5001-R II Scythe Mower£1,599.00   £1,499.00

A 102 cm cutting width scythe mower, designed for tackling tall grass and thick matted weeds in high-grass meadows and ecological natural gardens. With a movable deflector and robust design.

 Search for:    ALKO

Page 1 of 1:    13 Results
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