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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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GOLD LEAF Dry Touch Gloves

GOLD LEAF Dry Touch Gloves£20.95

Suitable for a variety of gardening purposes such as potting, wedding and light pruning.

Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves

Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves£22.95

Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gloves

Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gloves£26.95

Ideal for those requiring a truly luxurious and stylish pruning gaunlet.

Gold Leaf Winter Touch Gloves

Gold Leaf Winter Touch Gloves£24.95

The winter touch gloves, as you would expect is designed to offer extra comfort and durability throughout the colder, wetter months of the year. Keeping hands warm and dry during all general gardening tasks.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC 20 Protective Leather Boots

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC 20 Protective Leather Boots£140.00  -  £164.25

Protective leather boots with overlapping saw protection of 20 m/s, these boots also have microfibre reinforcements and polyester mesh lining, with reinforced lower parts and heel areas.

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest Helmet

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest Helmet£46.99   £44.00

Ergonomically designed hearing protectors combined with a high-visibility mesh visor that doesn't compromise protection and a comfortable helmet make this set ideal for forestry or garden work.


HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Forest Jacket£62.99

An ideal jacket for occasional outdoor use, this features hi-viz orange panels and reflective logos, two front pockets and a chest pocket. It also has cuff buttons for a tighter fit when operating a chainsaw in cooler weather.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Forest Jacket (High Viz)

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Forest Jacket (High Viz)£73.00

This jacket from Husqvarna's Classic range meets the highest visibility standards, ensuring it is perfect for use not only in the forest but in the roadside as well. Made from a comfortable, high-quality polyester/cotton twill.


HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Light Gloves£16.99   £12.75

These slim fitting, comfortable gloves have a goat leather palm with jersey fabric to the back. With good protection against moisture, making them suitable for demanding jobs.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Chaps (20A)

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Chaps (20A)£156.99

These chaps have been designed for occasional chainsaw users, intended to be quick and easy to put on and take off. They feature Class 1 saw protection and a full length zipper at the back.


HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Kit£156.99   £135.00

Providing you with the basic protective equipment to use your chainsaw, this kit includes chaps with class 1 saw protection, functional gloves with saw protection (Class 0) and a forest helmet.

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Waist Trousers (20A)

HUSQVARNA CLASSIC Protective Waist Trousers (20A)£78.00

These Class 1 protection waist trousers from Husqvarna are designed for occasional chainsaw users. They boast a reinforced saw protection pad and are made from a tough polyester / cotton twill.

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses£13.49   £12.55

With non-scratch, clear lenses that you are able to angle to suit the job at hand, plus frames that are easily extended to provide a perfect fit, these are excellent protective glasses.


HUSQVARNA FUNCTIONAL 24 Protective Boots£63.19

These protective boots from Husqvarna offer approved saw protection as well as steel toe caps and extra reinforcements to the sole and upper sections, with a cotton lining for comfort.

HUSQVARNA Functional 28 Rubber Chainsaw Boots

HUSQVARNA Functional 28 Rubber Chainsaw Boots£93.99   £75.19

Approved saw protection with many reinforced areas and steel toe caps not only make these boots safe for tough work, but also strong and durable enough to last in difficult conditions.

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