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Multi-Tool Systems

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MITOX 2700MTK-PRO Multi Tool

MITOX 2700MTK-PRO Multi Tool£1,199.00   £999.00

Mitox 2700MTK-PRO bundle with engine,pruner,nylon head, hedgetrimmer and 1 meter extension

HONDA UMK 435 LE Multi-Tool Package

HONDA UMK 435 LE Multi-Tool Package£798.90   £609.99

This package comes with Honda's 35cc loop-handled petrol brushcutter, as well as an additional hedge trimmer attachment that lets you tackle light and heavy grass, as well as hedges in your garden, even in hard-to-reach areas.

HONDA UMC435 VersaTool Strimmer Kit

HONDA UMC435 VersaTool Strimmer Kit£553.00

UMC425 engine unit and SSBC nylon head attachment

EGO MHCC1002E Multi-Tool Set Kit

EGO MHCC1002E Multi-Tool Set Kit£569.00   £549.00

The MHCC1002E Multi-Tool set is the perfect tool when working in the garden and around the home. It is designed for jobs above the ground, this maybe hedge maintenance or tree pruning.

STIHL KM 131 KombiEngine

STIHL KM 131 KombiEngine£624.00   £549.00

A bike-handled multi tool engine unit, this machine from STIHL is compatible with a huge range of attachments, allowing for excellent versatility in your work. Benefiting from a new and improved 4-MIX engine.

HONDA UMK 425 LE Multi-Tool Package

HONDA UMK 425 LE Multi-Tool Package£698.90   £539.99

This Honda multi-tool package includes the UMK 425 LE loop-handled brushcutter, plus the hedge trimmer attachment, so you can trim and maintain vegetation both high and low in your garden.

STIHL KM 131 R KombiEngine

STIHL KM 131 R KombiEngine£600.00   £528.00

Benefiting from the latest updates to STIHL's 4-MIX engine technology, this loop-handled KombiEngine is perfect for professionals looking for a top performance machine bursting with versatility.

STIHL KM 111 R KombiEngine

STIHL KM 111 R KombiEngine£576.00   £507.00

Part of STIHL's next generation of KombiEngines, this model has all the benefits of the KM 100 R, plus the latest 4-MIX engine technology and intelligent features designed to make it a joy to operate.

COBRA MT270K Multi-Tool

COBRA MT270K Multi-Tool£544.99   £499.99

Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Multi-Tool, 27cc Kawasaki engine.

HUSQVARNA 535LK Combi Trimmer

HUSQVARNA 535LK Combi Trimmer£579.00   £492.00

Boasting compatibility with existing Husqvarna attachments, this combi trimmer also has the advantage of a reliable X-Torq engine and a heavy duty build quality, while remaining comfortable to use.

HONDA UMC425 VersaTool Strimmer Kit

HONDA UMC425 VersaTool Strimmer Kit£568.00   £468.00

UMC425 engine unit and SSBC nylon head attachment.Offer price.

TANAKA Smart Fit TCG 27EBD/SL Brushcutter

TANAKA Smart Fit TCG 27EBD/SL Brushcutter£529.00   £444.00

This is a versatile and adaptable trimmer that can be quickly converted into a wide range of garden maintenance tools thanks to its split shaft design. With an easy starting 27cc engine.

Honda UMC435 VersaTool Power Unit

Honda UMC435 VersaTool Power Unit£525.00   £424.00

Honda UMC435 loop handle VersaTool engine 35cc OHC 4-stroke. An ideal tool for those who want to tackle all garden duties with just one machine! Optional 8 attachments!

MITOX 2700PK PRO Multi Tool System

MITOX 2700PK PRO Multi Tool System£449.00   £389.00

complete a range of tasks using one power unit with multiple attachments. Trimming hedges, cutting grass and pruning trees could not be easier. Attachments sold separately.

Cobra MTX230C Petrol Multi Tool System

Cobra MTX230C Petrol Multi Tool System£389.99   £374.99

5 in 1 multi tool system with powerful 23cc petrol engine.

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Page 1 of 7:    95 Items
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