MANTIS Tillers Petrol Tiller 7263-12-14

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Mantis Petrol 7263-12-14 4 stroke Tiller with kickstand. The Mantis tiller weighs only 11kg/ 24lbs, which makes it easy to handle and transport. Powered by an easy start and powerful Honda 25cc mini 4-stroke engine.
The Serpentine tines are strong and durable and come with a lifetime guarantee. The tines are capable of going 25cm/ 10 inches down into the ground and have a tilling width of 23cm/ 9 inches.
It's foldable handles are for ease of transport and storage.
Honda GX25 4-stoke petrol engine
easy to start, economical to use will run all day on 5 litres of petrol
one piece aluminium transmission housing
patented Serpentine tines with lifetime guarantee against breakage
tines spin at up to 200rpm
will till down to 25cm/10 inches
tilling width 23cm/9 inches
comfortable, easy grip, folding handles with carrying handle
full range of attachments available; lawn border edger, planter, crevice cleaner, plough, lawn dethatcher and wheel kit
weight 11kg/24lbs
five year consumer warranty
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