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Lawn Tractor Accessories

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MOUNTFIELD Tractor Cover

MOUNTFIELD Tractor Cover£49.00   £45.00

A sturdy water-resistant nylon protective cover, which protects compatible small to medium Mountfield ride-on lawnmowers from dust and dirt when not in use.

STIGA Tractor Cover

STIGA Tractor Cover£49.00   £45.00

With dimensions of length 250 cm, width 125 cm and height 130 cm, this durable, purpose made cover is ideal for protecting your small to medium-sized ride-on. Not suitable for machines with front-mounted decks.

HUSQVARNA BioClip Kit (TS 38 / TS 138)

HUSQVARNA BioClip Kit (TS 38 / TS 138)£49.99

For a healthier lawn that's easier to mow, this BioClip or mulching plate is suitable for Husqvarna's 38 inch lawn tractors (the TS 38 or TS 138 models), converting them into mulching mowers.

KUBOTA Z122R Hitch Kit

KUBOTA Z122R Hitch Kit£54.49   £52.00

To give you more versatility and open up additional possibilities for working with your Kubota Z122R, this hitch kit is the solution.

HONDA HF 2315 and 2417 Tractor Bumper Protector

HONDA HF 2315 and 2417 Tractor Bumper Protector£59.28   £56.00

HONDA Ride-On/Lawn Tractor Cover

HONDA Ride-On/Lawn Tractor Cover£63.72   £60.00

Tractor cover for Honda ride on lawnmowers


HUSQVARNA Rider Cover£79.99   £64.00

Keep your Husqvarna Rider protected from rain and water with this water-resistant nylon cover. Featuring ventilation holes and an adjustable drawstring.

VIKING ADF400 Grass Deflector

VIKING ADF400 Grass Deflector£70.00   £67.00

Viking ADF400 grass deflector for Viking MR4082 Rider.

HUSQVARNA Garden Tractor Discharge Deflector

HUSQVARNA Garden Tractor Discharge Deflector£70.00

To fit a range of Husqvarna's collecting lawn tractors, this discharge deflector allows the clippings to be discharged to the rear to save time when mowing larger areas.

VIKING AMK082 Mulching Kit

VIKING AMK082 Mulching Kit£91.00   £86.00

Viking AMK082 Mulch kit

CUB CADET Mulching Kit (30'' Deck)

CUB CADET Mulching Kit (30" Deck)£88.99

A Cub Cadet mulching kit/deflector for 30 inch decks on ride-on mowers. It allows cut grass to be left almost invisibly on the ground as a natural fertiliser.

STIGA Trailer Hitch Kit (84-98 cm)

STIGA Trailer Hitch Kit (84-98 cm)£89.00

The necessary fixing for compatible 84-92 cm deck STIGA lawn tractors to attached rear parts and accessories. It includes everything required and is easy to fit.

HANDY THDM Towed Drag Mat

HANDY THDM Towed Drag Mat£94.99   £89.99

Ideal for flattening soil or gravel, this lightweight drag mat is designed to be easily towed behind your garden tractor or quad bike.

HANDY THTD Towed Dethatcher 40''

HANDY THTD Towed Dethatcher 40"£94.99   £89.99

A dethatcher designed to be towed behind a lawn tractor, this simple tool is ideal for removing excess thatch from a lawn's surface, resulting in lush, green colour through regular use.

HUSQVARNA Dethatcher Attachment

HUSQVARNA Dethatcher Attachment£89.99

A dethatcher attachment that fits the attachment platform (required) to remove moss for a healthier lawn. The tines are heat-treated for durability.

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