KERSTEN K 1500 Two Wheel Tractor, Sweeper & Collecting Box

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This two-wheel tractor power unit, front sweeper attachment and collecting box from Kersten is a reliable & versatile machine.

Sold as the power unit only, the K 1500 is compatible with a wide range of accessories and attachments for all manner of garden maintenance needs. 

A reliable & robust power unit

Powered by a Honda 6.5 hp engine and making use of Kersten's own hydraulic transmission, the K 1500 gives reliable operation while keeping maintenance as low as possible. It benefits from a powder-coated chassis for extra durability, while the hydraulic drive allows outstanding control with maintenance again kept to a minimum.

With a front sweeper attachment and collecting box

This front sweeper attachment has a 90 cm working width, a 32 cm diameter and is fully adjustable for height and angle. It is designed for Kersten's K 1500 two wheel tractor, and uses the Quick-Attach35 system so it can be attached and removed in seconds, without tools. It is ideal for use on hard and soft terrain, including artificial sports surfaces. A 90 cm collecting box is also included.

Compatibility with a variety of attachments makes the K 1500 a great choice for any professionals requiring a tool to perform an array of maintenance tasks. You can purchase a 90 cm front sweeper, a weed brush, a 100 cm snow plough, a rotary gritter/spreader, a 2.5 m folding brush for artificial grass, a 90 cm knife mower and a trailing sulky seat. This is also a low noise, low vibration machine, so is great for any areas where noise considerations are important, such as schools or hotels.

An easy machine to work with

Thanks to Kersten's Quick-Attach35 system, you can easily add or remove the attachments to the K 1500 without needing tools, and within minutes. A rear stand means you can do this without the need for a second person, while being self-propelled, it is also a great machine to use without strain. 

  • Engine: Honda
  • Power: 6.5 hp
  • Differential: Yes
  • Transmission: Hydraulic
  • Variable Speed: 0-4kmh
  • Large Drive Wheels
  • Adjustable Handlebar: 3 positions
  • Parking Stand: Yes
  • Weight: 100kg
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