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A fast charger designed for professional use

Husqvarna's QC330 is a 330W fast charger that is recommended for use with their BLi10 to BLi200 Lithium-Ion batteries. It has a charging indicator and features active cooling technology, so that you can charge your batteries quickly, efficiently and easily.

  • Recommended use: BLi10 - 200
  • Voltage: mains voltage 100 - 240 V
  • Charging power: 330 W
  • BLi10 charge time 80/100%: 25/40 minutes
  • BLi20 charge time 80/100%: 25/45 minutes
  • BLi30 charge time 80/100%: 45 minutes/1 hour 5 minutes
  • BLi100 charge time 80/100%: 30/50 minutes
  • BLi200 charge time 80/100%: 30/50 minutes

    hhh - recommended solution
Power Source
Mains Electricity
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