HUSQVARNA LC 247i Cordless Lawnmower (Shell Only)
HUSQVARNA LC 247i Cordless Lawnmower (Shell Only)
HUSQVARNA LC 247i Cordless Lawnmower (Shell Only)
HUSQVARNA LC 247i Cordless Lawnmower (Shell Only)
HUSQVARNA LC 247i Cordless Lawnmower (Shell Only)

HUSQVARNA LC 247i Cordless Lawnmower (Shell Only)

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A battery operated lawnmower with excellent cutting features, perfect for use on gardens up to 800m2.

Delivering excellent cutting results whilst providing a comfortable mowing experience to tackle mid-sized gardens.

An efficient and centralised cutting system with adjustable heights

Featuring a centralised cutting system that can be adjusted using a lever control between 6 different heights starting from 20 mm to 75 mm; the LC 247i offers an excellent cutting service.  Furthermore; thanks to a cutting width of 47 cm, the LC 247i lawnmower not only provides an excellent cutting experience, but one that is quicker too enabling the user to cover more space in less time.  

Excellent power when needed

The LC 247i push lawnmower features a power boost function that automatically modifies the power and increases the speed of the blades of the mower based on the mowing conditions to get the job done.  

Benefits of cordless battery power

The LC 247i is not only quieter than other petrol lawnmowers thanks to being battery powered, it also omits zero emissions, so the neighbours and the planet will love the LC 247i lawnmower.  In addition; the LC 247i benefits from a double battery slot to maximise a longer run time for those challenging jobs that require mowing for a prolonged period of time.   Furthermore, thanks to a savETM mode; the user can opt to optimise the run time of the battery by saving battery power.

Thanks to being cordless; the LC 247i boasts excellent manoeuvrability without the restriction of plug in wires.  

Designed with the user in mind

The LC 247i boasts a comfortable mowing experience  with adjustable features such as the handle height that can be adjusted to suit the user.  The angled handle on the lawnmower makes it easier for the user to operate the mower.  Furthermore,  the LC 247i designed with a key pad that is intuitively placed to keep the user informed throughout.

Save vital storage space

Thanks to a sleek design, the LC 247i features a foldable handle that enables the user to fold the mower so it can be stored away easily.  Furthermore, transporting the mower is also a breeze, thanks to a lifting handle at the front and rear of the mower, combined with a lightweight design; the user is able to transport the mower with ease.

Don't forget the battery and the charger

The Husqvarna LC 247i lawnmower requires a battery and a charger to operate; this is not included and therefore will need to be purchased separately.  






  • Cutting Area: 800m2
  • Cutting Deck Material: Composite
  • Rims, Material: Plastic
  • Cutting Methods: Collection, BioClip, Rear Discharge
  • Cutting Width: 47 cm
  • Cutting Height Steps: 6
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: Central
  • Cutting heights Min/Max: 75 mm - 20 mm
  • Drive System: Push
  • Collector Bag: 55 Litre
  • Collector Type: Fabric with Dust Blocker
  • Handle Type: Ergonomic Handle
  • Handle Height Adjustment: 2 Step
  • Foldable Handle: Yes
  • Soft Grip: Yes
  • Weight: 24.5 kg
  • Sound Power: 94 dB(A)
  • Vibrations handlebar: 0.42 m/s2
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