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HUSQVARNA H900 Universal Hatchet

HUSQVARNA H900 Universal Hatchet
Our Price:  £30.00(Inc. 20% VAT)


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Ideal for a variety of uses, this is a fantastic all-round hatchet.

Perfect for use working with firewood, general garden tasks and trekking activities, Husqvarna's Universal Hatchet is a great tool to work with. A fibre-reinforced PA shaft provides additional robustness and durability, and a balance point close to the axe head as well as a soft grip results in superb balance and control in comfort. Courtesy of the non-stick coating on the axe head, this is also an easy and safe tool to work with, with less friction.

An additional feature of this hatchet is the hammer function, offering easy use of splitting wedges (not steel types).

  • Axe head weight: 700 g
  • Edge cover: Yes
  • Fibre glass: Yes
  • Steel type: High quality


Part Number:  580761001
SKU: HV-580761001

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