HUSQVARNA CLASSIC 20 Protective Leather Boots

(VAT Free)

Saw protection boots to keep you safe & comfortable.

Husqvarna's Classic 20 Protective Leather Boots offer Class 1 (20 m/s) saw protection, as well as being lightweight, comfortable and robust. They are primarily made of leather but have microfibre reinforcements with polyester mesh lining, and the lower parts and heel areas also benefit from extra reinforcements to ensure superb resistance to wear.

Additional stability is in place to support feet and ankles, and they are easy to keep clean too, thanks to the removable, washable foot beds.

  • Approved according to EN: ISO 17249:2013
  • KWF Standard approved: Yes
  • Class: Class 1 (20 m/s)
  • Approved according to SRA: Yes
  • Leather: Yes
  • Material: Micro fibre
  • Saw protection: Yes
  • Steel toecap: Yes
  • Lacing: Yes
  • Hooks: Yes
SKU: HV-5864471XX
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