HUSQVARNA Automower Blades

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Replacement Husqvarna Automower® blades

A genuine set of replacement blades for Husqvarna Automower®. Hardened carbon steel blades designed for safe handling and pivoting functionality. Automower® uses 3 blades at a time, and replacements can be bought as a pack of 9 or a pack of 45.

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HUSQVARNA Automower Boundary Wire Connectors (Pack of 5)

Five loop / boundary wire connectors in a single pack, ideal for use when you need to terminate your wires into the Automower's base station. Genuine Husqvarna parts.

HUSQVARNA Automower Heavy Duty Boundary Wire
HUSQVARNA Automower Heavy Duty Boundary Wire

A heavy-duty boundary wire for Husqvarna Automower® installations. With a copper core for improved signal strength. 500 m length for larger more complex lawns.

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ROBOT MOWER Staple Pegs (100 Pack)

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