HUSQVARNA Aspire P4A 18-C70 Charger

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Optimize battery performance with efficient and fast charging, thanks to the Husqvarna C70 charger.

Universal Charging Brilliance

The Husqvarna Aspire P4A 18-C70 Charger stands as a versatile charging solution, compatible with both Husqvarna Aspire batteries and all 18V batteries within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE system. Embrace seamless adaptability without the need for multiple chargers.

Rapid Charging, Crystal Clear

Experience the power of swift replenishment with the Husqvarna Aspire P4A 18-C70 Charger. The LED indicator keeps the user informed of the charging status.  Witness the efficiency of fast charging, where the 18-B45 (2.5Ah) battery reaches 80% charge in just 40 minutes, and the 18-B72 (4.0Ah) battery achieves 80% charge in 64 minutes – both reaching 100% charge in a mere 60 minutes (2.5 Ah) and 95 minutes (4.0 Ah).

Cross-Brand Charging Revolution

The P4A 18-C70 charger elevates the charging game with a product of the POWER FOR ALL Alliance – a collective of premier manufacturers. The Husqvarna Aspire P4A 18-C70 Charger redefines convenience by catering to all batteries within this dynamic alliance for a more streamlined, unified charging solution.


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