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HUSQVARNA 405X Automower

HUSQVARNA 405X Automower
HUSQVARNA 405X AutomowerHUSQVARNA 405X AutomowerHUSQVARNA 405X Automower
HUSQVARNA 405X AutomowerHUSQVARNA 405X Automower
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The latest Automower® from Husqvarna, world leaders in robotic mowing

Never have to mow your lawn again with Automower®, a robotic lawnmower that is reliable, high-performing, and requires very minimal effort from yourself. 405X Automower® is ideal for domestic lawns around 600 m2; it doesn't matter if there are complex areas of terrain or multiple zones to cover, 405X Automower® will mow with ease. It is electrically powered and to operate is just a fraction of the cost of a conventional lawnmower.

Hassle-free automatic mowing with superb results

Customise the cutting schedule to your requirements, and then Automower® will guide itself around your garden and cut little and often, even taking itself back to its charging station when required. It has a patented electric height adjustment from 20 - 70 mm to suit. The razor sharp blades unlike conventional mowers cut in all directions producing a desirable carpet-like finish. Patented GPS assisted navigation onboard Automower® maps the mowing area from where the boundary and guide wires are installed, records its mowing pattern and adjusts it accordingly for optimum lawn coverage resulting in a superb performance. 

Effortless mowing even in complex conditions

This 400 Series mower offers the highest cutting capabilities, managing slopes with an incline of up to 40% / 22º and gliding over uneven terrain with its coarse-tread wheels. Spot cutting mode is a special feature that allows for quick mowing of patches of longer grass, for example under garden furniture. 

Automower® can mow any time, any day

Automower® is weatherproof meaning it will mow whatever the weather. However, you have the ability to program it to head back to its base should it rain or become too cold, for example. Similarly, Automower® can be scheduled to mow around the clock, 7 days a week if desired, or programmed to mow at times to suit you. It also operates exceptionally quietly and discreetly that it can even mow at night without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Operation is safe and secure

As it is electrically powered there are no harmful emissions produced. A unique pin code is required to activate Automower® and is also required to stop the anti-theft alarm that will sound if it is lifted off the ground. GPS tracking shows the exact location of Automower® at all times for additional safety and security. In the unlikely event it is lifted or tilted off the ground, sensors will automatically stop the blades to prevent any unnecessary harm. The energy efficient LED headlights will flash if a malfunction occurs, to allow for a quick resolution. 

Cleaning and maintenance is easy

The attached maintenance tool facilitates easy removal of the cover of Automower® for instant access to components for maintenance. Cleaning of the cutter blades can be done easily with a hose pipe to prolong their life. A weather timer adjusts the working times of Automower® to maximise its mowing time during periods of strong grass growth, decreasing operation during other times to reduce wear on the lawn and the mower. 

Stay in the know with Automower® Connect

As 405X Automower® is from Husqvarna's premium X-Line range, it benefits from smart home functionality. Easily connect your mower to the Automower® Connect app that's available on Android and Apple devices for access to a wealth of information. Give it its own name and control it to start, stop, and park commands from anywhere in the world, configure its settings without having to be on site, and track its position for security. Smart connect to sprinklers, your personal calendar, and local weather for example for a truly personalised experience. You can even activate voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Home to command Automower® and get status updates.

Installation of Automower® is necessary

Whilst Automower® can be self-installed by a knowledgeable individual with the purchase of an appropriate installation kit, Husqvarna strongly recommend one of our trained installers fits Automower® for you. Please contact us to discuss installation (at an additional cost).

A 2 year warranty (can be extended to 3 years with annual servicing) with Husqvarna is included, we will register the machine upon delivery. T&Cs may apply.

  • Working area capacity: 600 m2 +/- 20%
  • Maximum slope performance: 40% / 22º
  • Cutting width: 22 cm
  • Cutting height: 20 - 50 mm
  • Noise level: 61 dB(A)
  • Dimensions: 61 x 45 x 24 cm
You will require a unique PIN code to operate Automower®. For safety reasons we cannot give this out prior to you receiving the robotic mower; please contact us upon safe receipt of your Automower® - if we aren't installing it - and we will provide you with your unique security pin code.

Cutting Height:  20 - 50 mm
Cutting Width:  22 cm
Working Area:  up to 600 m2
Maximum Incline:  40% / 22║

Part Number:  970456203

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