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HUSQVARNA 129LK Combi Trimmer

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A fantastic trimmer compatible with a range of attachments.

Able to be transformed into a blower, tiller, hedge trimmer and sweeper, to name but a few, the 129LK is an immensely versatile machine.

Powerful cutting performance that's easy to work with

With its powerful 27 cc engine and a 43 cm cutting width, Husqvarna's 129LK is a great trimmer for domestic users. It benefits from intuitive controls that are sensibly placed as well as a see-through fuel tank, so you can operate the machine without hassle. As a loop-handled machine, this model excels in confined spaces as well as when required to trim precise areas, with the added feature that the shaft is detachable, making it easier to store and transport.

Incredibly versatile thanks to a range of attachments

As well as the trimming functionality, aided by a Tap 'n Go trimmer head that allows you to automatically renew the line as it wears simply by tapping the head on the ground, you have the additional options provided by the 129LK's split-shaft design. This means you can easily attach a T35 Tap 'n' Go head, short or long hedge trimmers, a lawn edger, a pole saw, a tiller, a sweeper, a blower and even an extension shaft, increasing your reach by almost 80 cm. These can be purchased separately and easily click onto the existing shaft.

Innovative, easy-start features

Making use of Husqvarna's Smart Start technology, this machine is even quicker and requires less effort to start than ever. Starter cord resistance has been reduced by up to 40 percent, while the stop-switch even automatically resets to the 'On' position so it's as simple as possible to get up-and-running again.

Comes with a 2 year conditional domestic warranty.

  • Displacement: 27.6 cm3
  • Power output: 0.85 kW / 1.1hp
  • Vibration levels front / rear: 9.9 / 8.9 m/s
  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Smart start
  • T25 tap and go head
  • Multi use

Power Source:  Petrol

Part Number:  967193603
SKU: H3-129LK-967193601

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