HONDA Mulch Kit To Suit HF2417 Models from 2008 And Onwards

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Convert your Honda tractor to a mulching tractor easily with this simple attachment. This one inexpensive adjustment offers you all the benefits of mulching. Namely, collection free mowing that puts you one step closer to a perfect lawn by providing the nutrients a healthy lawn requires. By finely chopping grass cuttings numerous times, the remaining particles are recycled quickly into your lawn, returning nutrients to the soil. This has the positive knock-on effect of reducing or indeed eliminating the need for artificial products such as fertilisers and chemical sprays. The attachment achieves these results by blocking off the discharge chute, keeping the grass cuttings circulating in the cutter deck, before dispensing it back in the garden.


Part Number: HD-06805-VK1-A10
To Fit: The HF2417 HME / HF2417 HTE 2008 and onward models

SKU: HD-06805-VK1-A10
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