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HONDA MIIMO 70 LIVE Robotic Mower

Take the effort out of lawn maintenance with an intelligent robotic mower

There is no easier way to keep your lawn pristine all year round; once installed, Miimo calculates the size of your garden, learns its layout, and works out its own mowing pattern - you'll never have to mow the lawn again! It cuts little and often, meaning micro-sized cuttings are left invisibly on the ground, where they break down and fertilise the soil.

Automatic, year round mowing for domestic lawns

HRM 70 Live is suitable for different shaped lawns up to 700 m2, and with an IPX4 rating it can work in most wet conditions. Powered by battery, when Miimo has finished its mowing schedule or runs out of power, it will automatically take itself back to the electricity-powered docking station to recharge, before setting out again.

Fully customise its mowing schedule

Not only do you never have to mow your lawn again with a robotic mower, Miimo is safe to use around pets and children. You can fully customise its mowing schedule to suit you, and quiet operation means you can even run Miimo during the night! That being said, Map & Mow will calculate the size of the mowing area and work out the most logical mowing calendar.

Packed full of smart features

Miimo is an intelligent robot; it uses real-time weather information to choose the best times to mow, evening knowing when your grass is rapidly growing! Compared to other models, HRM 70 Live also boasts selectable border cut, which means you can choose how often Miimo will trim the edge of your lawn to give a tidy finish all year round.

Easy to integrate into your smart home

A simple and intuitive app, accessible from Android and IOS devices, allows you to review and control Miimo's cutting schedule. Miimo will even work with Amazon Alexa, meaning you easily find out the current status and next mowing schedule, and control the Miimo to cut, pause, and return to base, without you having to lift a finger.

Installation required

The HRM 70 Live comes with 175 m of boundary wire and 240 pegs, for you to install around the edge of your lawn or mowing area. Our trained robot mower installers are on hand to complete local installations, for a fee.

A 5 year domestic warranty with Honda is included, we will register the machine. T&Cs apply.

  • Area capacity: up to 700 m2
  • Working capacity: 32 m2/h
  • Maximum incline mowing area: 15° / 27%
  • Maximum incline wire on slope: 9° / 15%
  • Noise level guaranteed: 61 dB(A)
  • Blade type: 3 (swing back type)
  • Cutting width: 190 mm
  • Cutting height adjustment: manual from 30 to 50 mm
  • Battery type: Li-ion 18V / 2.5 Ah
  • Mowing time per charge: 75 minutes
  • Charging time: 60 minutes
  • Waterproofing: IPX4
  • Smartphone application**: Android and IOS
  • Docking station position: corner and edge
  • Boundary wire and pegs supplied: 175 m / 240 pegs
  • Dimensions: 445 x 364 x 202 mm
  • Weight: 7.6 kg

Brand:  HONDA
Note:  Please note that installation of this machine is required.
Power Source:  Battery


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