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HAYTER 104A Battery (4.0 Ah)

HAYTER 104A Battery (4.0 Ah)
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A rechargeable battery for Hayter cordless lawnmowers

A genuine Hayter Lithium-ion battery with 4.0 Ah power. It's compatible with Hayter's battery lawnmowers and can provide up to 4802 coverage per charge, and will also fit into the Toro Flex-Forced cordless system. With the recommended 60 V charger, it will restore a drained 104A battery to 100% charge in 100 minutes.

  • Battery output: 4.0 Ah
  • Battery charge time: 100 minutes (with 60 V charger unit)
  • Mower coverage: up to 480m2

Brand:  HAYTER

Part Number:  104A

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