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Flame Guns

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SHEEN X500 Flame Gun KIT

SHEEN X500 Flame Gun KIT£347.55   £334.00

The Sheen X500 Weed Gun Kit comes complete with flame gun, trolley and hood.

SHEEN X300 Flame Gun

SHEEN X300 Flame Gun£222.85   £220.00

Incinerate troublesome weeds with 2000 degrees of heat.

SHEEN Flame Gun Trolley

SHEEN Flame Gun Trolley£99.54   £94.50

The Sheen trolley accessory removes the need to carry the flame gun.

SHEEN Flame Gun Hood

SHEEN Flame Gun Hood£30.24   £29.00

The Sheen Hood Sheen Hood accessory increases accuracy and safety.


Page 1 of 1:    4 Items
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