ELIET PROF 6 On Wheels Shredder/Chipper

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A mighty and efficient shredder with wheels with a V-safe infeed hopper and durable steel blades ideal for shredding tree branches up to 4" in diameter into small chips.

Excellent infeed hopper design

The V-safeTM infeed hopper is ideal for feeding in voluminous tree branches up to 4" in diameter and shrubs quickly and efficiently thanks to a 60 cm wide and 100 cm deep chute with a transparent anti-projection shield.  The Eliet Prof 6 also features an Anti-Block Motor system which is kitted with a sensor to control the feed speed.  At the end of the chute is a 15cm big feedroller and a blade system with knives that cut the wood with the grain, making the process energy efficient.

Turbo discharge explained

Thanks to a turbo discharge; the Eliet Prof 6 impellor sucks in the branches and then shreds them into small chips which are then discharged via a rotatable chute thanks to a powerful airflow created by the turbine blades.  These chips can be used as mulch, which can provide essential nutrients for the flower beds.  

Shredding excellency

The Eliet Prof 6 features durable steel blades to take on tough workloads and have an operating cycle of approximately 8 hours a day, making it extremely efficient.

The Eliet Prof 6 is also kitted with an infeed control lever and a safety stop device which automatically stops the feedroller from rotating for the ultimate safety precaution.

Featuring a 180cm, fold-down and 280 degree rotational discharge chute made with corrosion resistant synthetic material that also absorbs excess noise, the Eliet Prof 6 is designed to deliver excellent propelling capacity.  

Easy to dismantle for maintenance

Thanks to a maintenance-friendly design; the Eliet Prof 6 can be dismantled in quick progression, and typically tool-free too, enabling the user to access the machine easily for a routine maintenance check or quick check up at the end of the work cycle to ensure the machinery keeps delivering optimum performing results day-in, day-out.  

Easy control of speed and for reversing

The speed and reverse motion can be easily controlled using the rotating handle with the user rotating the handle forward or backward to increase the speed in that direction, and thanks to an efficient wheel drive; the Eliet Prof 6 requires less effort to move from one place to another.  



  • Engine selection: 14 HP Vanguard 400
  • Shredable timber diameter: 100 mm / 4"
  • Starting system: Electric Start
  • Chopping speed: 48.000 cuts/min
  • Shredding technology: ELIET Chopping PrincipleTM 
  • Capacity: 4 m3/ 475 kg/ 1050 lbs
  • Feed intake opening: 600 x 580 mm
  • Feed height: 1000 mm
  • Chassis: Steel 3 mm
  • Diameter infeed roller: 15 cm
  • Number of blades: 24 ELIET RESISTTM / 8 blades
  • Discharge height: 1800 mm
  • Paring brake: yes
  • Cutting width: 400 mm
  • Impeller diameter: 325 mm
  • Discharge chute rotation: 280 degree
  • Deflector: Simple
  • Oil tank content: 11 L 
  • Hour meter: Yes
MA 032 010 131
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