ELIET Lawn Edger KS240STD

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The ELIET Edge Cutter KS 240 STD is the perfect machine for reaching those hard to reach locations.

Be Creative

The ELIET Edge Cutter KS 240 STD comes with an edger which perfectly cuts curves on creative lawns. It is supported by the front wheel which is aligned with the axle and blade shaft, allowing you to follow the curves in the lawn much more accurately.

The large wheels have a wide tread keeping the machine very stable even in sandy or dusty conditions.

Designed With You in Mind

It comes with a stepped height adjustable handlebar allowing you to adopt a comfortable work posture.

Operate With Ease

The blade drive automatically engages as soon as the depth adjustment is selected. You can use an ergonomically located lever on the handlebar to adjust the blade depth to a number of positions.

The angle of the blades can also be adjusted. Hence the ability to cut away excess grass without damaging the structure of lawn edges.

For your safety the rotating blade is securely enclosed by a crescent shaped safety guard, this will protect you from stones that throw up.


  • Engine : 4.0 HP B&S Series 550
  • Chassis : Steel 6 mm
  • Depth Adjuster : 80 mm
  • Transmission : V-belt A 32.5 
  • Weight : 34 kg 
  • Length : 1270 mm 
  • Width : 460 mm 
  • Height : 920 mm 
  • Blade Speed : 2550 rpm 
  • Blade : Steel dia 240 mm 
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