EGO LBP8000E Backpack Blower (Shell only)
EGO LBP8000E Backpack Blower (Shell only)
EGO LBP8000E Backpack Blower (Shell only)
EGO LBP8000E Backpack Blower (Shell only)

EGO LBP8000E Backpack Blower (Shell only)

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A powerful and innovative back pack blower by EGO to make light work of challenging tasks.

Powered by a mighty brushless motor; the LBP8000e is ideal for tackling challenging tasks thanks to a boost mode feature, a backpack design for comfort and a longer run time.

Incredible blowing force

The LBP8000e is an ergonomic backpack battery blower with a powerful, maximum propulsive force of 26N, ideal for tackling those challenging tasks.   Furthermore, the LBP8000e is equipped with a boost mode to provide the user with a maximum blow force to get ride of any stubborn debris, dirt or wet leaves with ease. 

Nozzle for direct impact

Equipped with a nozzle; the LBP8000e blower can target certain areas to clear away any tough debris with ease.  Furthermore, thanks to an axial blower type; the LBP8000e not only ensures a greater force of air being blown out; but also enables a better air circulation at a consistent level.  

Expect lower vibrations

Thanks to being powered by a high torque brushless motor; the user can benefit from lower vibrations being passed on to them whilst using the backpack blower.  In addition to this, the user can also benefit from a quieter operation, making the LBP8000e ideal for work in residential areas.

Minimise machine downtime

With an improved user interface; the user can benefit from an easier operation whilst minimising any needless machine downtime.  

Extra support for comfortable working

Built with the user in mind; the LBP8000e back pack blower ensures high support and comfort during use; thanks to a built in waist support and a chest belt, which is highly beneficial when working for longer periods of time.  

Battery and charger not included

The LBP8000e backpack blower does NOT include a battery and a charger and will require these items to operate and can be purchased separately.

This tool comes with a 5 year domestic warranty or a 1 year professional use warranty.  T&C's apply.


  • Voltage: 56V
  • Battery port: Dual port
  • Brushless motor: Brushless
  • Maximum propulsive force: 26 N m
  • Nozzle: Yes
  • Blower type: Axial
  • Waist support: Yes
  • Chest belt: Yes
  • Maximum air volume: 1360 m3/h
  • Maximum air speed: 160 mph
  • Maximum air speed with cone nozzle: 200 mph
  • Tool weight: 15.8 lbs
A compatible battery and charger are required to operate this machine.
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